Day 7 – Already?

This is everything I need to get a menu organized for a week!

This is everything I need to get a menu organized for a week!

I think in order to be successful you need to plan well.  I don’t generally have a specific day that I plan the menus, usually it’s after Thursday (the day we get our sales) and before we run out of food.  Since I’m buying local organic meat, I need to do all my planning on Friday because the market is only opened on Saturday.  I could just go to the stores that sell the meat for the farmers, but I’d rather get all my questions answered by the farmers directly.  I also like the atmosphere at the market.  People going in early to sell goods, and other coming in hungry looking for something delicious to eat.

I was 18 when I first heard about farmer’s markets.  I was a college student in Woodstock at the time, and the market mostly consisted of elderly women selling same hand mittens…  Then when we moved to Fredericton, my husband and I had an apartment right behind the farmer’s market.  Every Saturday morning, it smelled like samosas, and fresh bread when we opened the window.  When we had a bit of extra money lying around, we’d go buy a dozen samosas and look at all the meat and cheeses on display.  Those were the days!

Now that I live in Moncton, I have the option between two markets on Saturdays, and an extra one in Shediac during the summer.  They all have their advantages, good foods and varieties of products on display.  I find the idea of being able to access such a wonderful network of local producers a great advantage in doing the Whole30 program.  I think if I was living in my hometown, being able to find fresh, organic produce would be a lot more challenging.  I’d probably have to drive 45-60 minutes to an actual beef farm to get what I want.  There would be a lot more planning and hunting (in the non literal sense) to do to get what I need.  Luckily, Moncton has several natural food stores, organic farmers and of course Farmers Markets.  It’s still far from perfect (try finding Ghee!!) but it’s easier to plan around what I have available.

This morning, I looked at the flyers to see what was on special and then made next week’s menu accordingly.  I like to use the OurGroceries app to write out my list.  I use the webpage to insert everything, and have the app on my blackberry to cross off when I get to the store.  It’s super convenient and I always have my list with me in case I stop in to the grocery store. I have different lists for different stores for example: Bulk Barn, Groceries, Home Depot, Market… I don’t go to home depot regularly, but I learned that my husband always buys the wrong filter for our furnace, so I saved the size in that category, in case he has the urge to buy more!

Planning our meals in advance also helps me reduce our grocery bill.  I’m less likely to buy something that’s not on my list.  I do the groceries once a week and if I forget something, that’s just kind of too bad, I’m not going back.  My mom doesn’t do meal planning, and she gets rather frustrated with what to make for supper every night.  I can honestly say, that’s never been a problem here!

February 28

This is what we will be eating next week

My planning skills also prevent me from buying food at the cafeteria where I work.  I make sure my lunch is made, in the lunchbox, in the fridge before I go to bed at night.  As a kid I would set out all my clothes for the next day before I went to bed, and I occasionally still do (even though I wear scrubs and need zero serious planning about what to wear to work.)

Sweet mother of River Song, that was a long planning rant so here’s what I ate today:
Meal 1

February 28 (4)

This omelet didn’t know what was coming… I’m really not great at making omelets.  Also I tend to smoke up the kitchen.  My dogs have grown fearful of me walking by the stove for fear I might set off the fire alarm.  I’ve never actually burnt anything though…

This morning’s omelet consisted of olives, bacon, chicken, and mushroom.

Meal 2

I had left over Chicken Divan from last night.  I didn’t think it was going to be enough food so I heated up a bowl of beef stew, but I didn’t end up eating it.

Meal 3

February 28 (2)

Mustard-Garlic Brussels Sprouts from Well Fed 2, Coconut Cauliflower Rice also from Well Fed 2, and Mocha Steak from the It Starts With Food Meal Map

Sweet Tardis of Gallifrey, that was such a great supper!  It was supposed to be a celebration meal, but my husband got caught up at work, so I shared it with little Z.  As per usual, I was missing some key ingredients, which is starting to irritate me, I wish I had everything I need to make my recipes.  Tonight I was short on Coriander (substituted with Cumin), Shallots and Whole30 appropriate Dijon (used mustard powder instead).  About the Dijon though, I seriously considered using it anyways.  I had an inner conflict moment, eventually I convinced myself that by cheating on Day 7, I wasn’t going to accomplish anything, and the only one I was cheating was myself.

I wish I could of had my BBQ out today, but the wind probably would have blown it away.   I cooked my steaks on Broil and there was definitely some smoke in the house.  The fire alarm went off 3 times, and my dogs will never forgive me for that.   The steaks were perfectly cooked, but since I don’t have a vent for my oven, I have to open up windows and turn on fans.  Someday I’ll have a real kitchen!  Anyways, about the dogs: I almost had to carry my 65lbs Husky mix into the house, she was terrified.  I spent a good 20 minutes outside freezing my butt off trying to coax the bloody Dalek into coming in.  It wasn’t until my husband got home at 7 that she came in.

So there it is, my first week completed!  I feel great, but no noticeable changes just yet.  I haven’t felt the need to have a mid afternoon meal, I rarely snack (handful of Cashews or Macadamia sometimes), and I don’t feel guilty about seconds once in a while.  I’m looking forward to my upcoming meals, and kitchen adventures!


I like when i receive information that is pertinent to my immediate solution.  For example.  Last night I was up from 3:45-5:30 with a fussy baby.  I do not do well with being up at night.  I’m cranky, I have little patience, and all I want to do is go back to bed.  Typical, I know.  This morning’s Whole30 e-mail was about the importance of sleep.  You are preaching to the choir guys, because, I KNOW! I keep telling my husband that I don’t know how we’re going to have anymore children, cause I just can’t imagine having to get up every 2 hours to feed, change a diaper, or comfort a toddler.  I have a lot of trouble dealing with sleep insufficiency.  This is also a little humorous considering I’m a shift nurse.  I’m a totally different person when I work nights or days.

Recently it seems that every time something major is happening the next day, I’m up all that night with a fussy baby.  Its probably a coincidence, but it makes me extremely cranky the next day, no matter how hard I try.  For me it’s like being hungover and everyone is just talking too much. Just don’t talk to me.  My poor family are the ones that have to deal with my extreme moodiness, but I try to make it up to them by apologizing, recognizing my moods, and cooking for them.  Nothing makes me happier than making a meal!

Don’t get me wrong this isn’t a rant about being a parent and not sleeping.  This is a rant about not sleeping.  One of the benefits of doing the Whole30 is that by eating whole foods, you should be able to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.  No tossing and turning, no midnight snack etc.  Now THAT is a great benefit of eating good foods!

A while back I tried to go to bed and wake up at the same time, which is really a good idea if you don’t do shifts.  I didn’t really know how to juggle the nights and evenings, I had to give that up and try to get as much sleep elsewhere as possible.

I’ve never been one to take naps.  Usually my naps are too long and end up making me feel worst than before I had one.  Since having my daughter though, that’s changed a little.  When she was a few weeks old, I’d nap at the same time as her, but now I try to keep the napping to a minimum.

Meal 1

Just a boring and lonely old omelet!

Just a boring and lonely old omelet!

An omelet seemed like the perfect breakfast this morning.  I fried up some bacon, mushroom, olives and left over chicken with 3 eggs.  I shared it with Z of course.  I feel like she ate more of it than I did.

When she went for a nap, I also attempted to have one, but I did too many things in the interim, and ended up getting about 10 minutes in bed before she woke up… my own fault for not heading straight to bed when the opportunity presented itself.

Meal 2

You guessed it! Left Overs!  Yesterday’s beef stew actually.  It was just as good as last night.

Meal 3

My pictures are really poor quality, I do apologize!

February 27

I’ve had this recipe on the proverbial back burner for a couple of weeks, so I thought I’d whip it out tonight: Chicken Divan.  I got everything ready this afternoon, popped it into the fridge and at 5 cooked it in the oven.  Lots of time to do what I needed to do (read, knit, play with baby) and hardly any time in the kitchen at all!  True to myself, I didn’t follow the recipe 100%, this time because I didn’t have any coriander.  I substituted it with fresh dill and tarragon.

I was a little skeptical about this recipe.  After I bought all the ingredients, I checked out the recipe and actually read the comments.   But one person said they loved it, so that’s the hope I was clinging onto.  It was tasty, the dill and coconut milk go really well together, but it doesn’t have a very strong flavor.  I’d probably make it again, maybe leave the cashews whole and mix everything through instead of having the onion, garlic, cashew mix on top… but I liked it!

I had my second Crossfit class tonight, and realllllly enjoyed it!  I  like the friendly environment.  I like that you don’t just go there with you iPod and ignore everyone.  I especially like that there are trainers to help you along if you’re not doing your forms properly.  I missed that!

I was lucky to have a friend be able to watch the baby while I went too cause hubby works late on Thursday (one of the many reasons he’s not joining me at crossfit 😦 )  I really appreciate it when people are able to help me out!  I’d really be lost without all the support I’ve been given lately!

That’s it for day 6! Night Night!

Day 5 – Short and Sweet

I had another dream about eating a chocolate bar last night, this time a coffee crisp, which is probably one of the last non caramel type of chocolate bar I would ever eat.  I was riding on guilt all night too!

Before I went to bed last night I put some Lavender Essential Oil on my feet to help with the inflammation of the inevitably sore muscles.  When I woke up this morning, I was able to tolerate a wide range of movement, namely the stairs even though we had gone through a few rounds of squats and burpees last night.

Lavender EO has anti-inflammatory properties as well as muscular and rheumatism relief.  You can rub some on your feet when you have a cough or a cold and it will alleviate your symptoms.  You need to make sure you have therapeutic grade oil such as Young Living‘s Essential Oils.  These Oils are certified organic and therapeutic level with no additives or substitutions.

Meal 1

February 26 (2)I fried up the last of my Kale this morning with a couple of pork sausages.  I had to share one with my husband, who has been so supportive and hasn’t asked me once for a sausage or bacon for breakfast.  I bet if I could find a good egg-less breakfast to cook up for him, he might ditch his bagels in the morning and join me on the healthy side.  I say that, but I also made PB toast for little Z (without licking my fingers!).  I just couldn’t bring myself to making her eggs again.  If she were a bit older (with a few more teeth) I might have given her kale and sausages.

Meal 2

Serious leftovers today.  Just some of this and some of that to clean out the fridge.  Left over chicken with the last of the spinach, some macadamia and olive oils.  I tried eating the rest of the deviled eggs, but apparently they’re a one shot deal.  They weren’t as good today, so I just tossed them too!

Meal 3

For supper I tried a Coconut Milk Curry Beef Stew recipe I found on Pinterest.  I didn’t exactly follow the recipe however.

  • Firstly, when I bought Parsnips last weekend, I accidentally bought Parsley Root.  It wasn’t until I got to the cash and the cashier mentioned that she had no idea that’s what Parsley root looked like that I realized why the Parsnip were located between the herbs and the carrots.  Usually I find them by the turnips and potatoes.  I did a quick search when I got home to see if I could still use it.  Although the flavor isn’t quite the same more of a carrot/celery flavor, I decided it would have to do.
  • I also NEVER precook meat I put in the slow cooker.  To me it defies the whole purpose of a slow cooker.
  • I didn’t have beef bone broth, but I did make some Chicken Broth in my slow cooker overnight, so I used that
  • Finally, I put left over brussels sprout from last night’s supper.  I’ll be honest, I probably won’t eat them otherwise, and they’ll just get tossed out during next week’s garbage pick up.

So… I’m not sure how the original recipe tastes, but this one was sweet.  My husband didn’t like it, but Z and I gobbled it up!

February 26I’m feeling a little more sore as the day goes on, but in all honesty I haven’t put any Lavender EO, or taken any pain relievers (it’s not really that bad).  I also didn’t do a whole lot today so my muscles are probably completely in shock, stuck in neutral.

Anyways, like I said, short and sweet that’s day 5! 25 more to go!

Day 4 – Another New Start

I had such a restless sleep last night that when Z woke me up at 730, I wished for a sleep button, but I got up anyways.

Meal 1

2014-02-25 08.13.59

I felt like some deviled eggs this morning, so I found a recipe here, it’s a little drier than deviled eggs with mayo, but it was still very delicious.  Z had some too and she seemed to like it!  I made the Kale mixture again, but this time I added cashews and a little less salt.

My Whole30 Approved cookbook came in today too! I’m so excited!  Well Fed 2 by Melissa Joulwan, will probably be the basis for my menu for next week. I’m very excited to try new recipes that are completely ok for me to eat.  This might make things a lot easier than having recipes here, there, everywhere.

My only problem is that from a quick flip through the book, I’ve noticed how great the food looks, and how it replicates some non-Paleo/Whole30 compliant food ie: Pizza, Faux Pho, ketchup, etc.  The idea behind Whole30 is to eat whole foods, to help change the way you think about food.  If I can replace pizza with a Paleo/Whole30 compliant pizza, isn’t that cheating a little?  I need to change the ‘Live to Eat’ motto to ‘Eat to Live’  but if I can have sweet potatoes with Ketchup, albeit, healthy ketchup, then I haven’t changed my way of thinking have I?  I’ll give the cookbook a good read and chose the most appropriate recipes, it might be a tough one cause they all look so darn good!

Meal 2

Left overs again with some spinach.  Nothing exciting, so I won’t go into details.

Another thought that’s crossed my mind today: Toothpaste.  Now I don’t swallow my toothpaste, but the sweet taste is still in my mouth.  I absolutely hate the feeling toothpaste leaves in my mouth, like I fell asleep with a candy and everything taste syrupy.  But according to a thread on the Whole30 forum, as long as you don’t swallow your toothpaste you’re fine.   I’ll probably go out looking for a different all natural toothpaste next shopping trip!  Thoughts?

My afternoon was typical, I only lost my temper once or twice, which is really good considering I’m not eating on impulse.

Meal 3

2014-02-25 18.34.08

I put a chicken in the slow cooker for supper, I got the seasoning recipe from 100 Days of Real Food, and I’ll be making Chicken Stock with the carcass.  I also made brussels sprouts (sans butter), and my husband and I’s favourite Sweet Potatoes.  Before finding this recipe, my husband did not like Sweet potatoes, but he’s been hooked and asks for them regularly.  Every time I make a recipe using cinnamon or cumin he gets hopeful that we’ll be eating sweet potatoes for dinner!  I’m a sucker for recipes like that, if only I could find one for brussels sprouts…

I started Crossfit tonight.  I know it’s not recommended in the Whole30 regime as it may be too much for your body, but in all fairness, I’ve been booked in for the training class for a month, and there was no way I was going to wait another 6 weeks.  I ate way too close to my work out.  In all fairness I pigged out on sweet potatoes up to 45 minutes before the work out.  So maybe next time, I’ll try to refrain from seconds.  Those sweet potatoes are just sooo darn good!

I packed some left over chicken and sweet potatoes for my post work out meal.  I definitely didn’t want to eat though, I did it anyways, for the sake of quicker healing?

Now I’m off to finding quick muscle remedies, because I can already feel the pain that tomorrow will bring.

That’s it! Day 4 is done, 26 more to go!

Day 3 – On the Road and in the Restaurant

I dreamt last night that I ‘accidentally’ ate a Bounty bar.  It was absolutely devastated.  I dreamt of smarties and Mr. Big and all sorts of other candy bars, which is unusual.  I thought it would be the pastas and chips that gave me nightmares… but no, candy bars!

After reading my motivational email from Whole30 this morning, I got up and felt extremely nauseated.  Dizzy, light headed and nauseated!  I haven’t felt this gross since I was in my first trimester with Z.  Before you get all excited, no I’m not pregnant, this is a normal part of the process as your body shifts from using sugars as a fuel to using fat and tries to heal itself.  You can bet that eggs did not seem appealing this morning.

Meal 1

2014-02-24 08.28.41

I googled a few eggless recipes and came up with Nomnompaleo‘s recipe for Stir-fry Kale and Bacon with a side of Pork sausages.  I was so hungry i cut up the sausages so they would cook faster!  This is my first time eating or preparing Kale, so I was a little apprehensive, but it was so simple and tastes pretty good.  A glass of orange juice would have been great with this, but a hot cup of peppermint tea will have to do.  I feel that the pork sausages really helped with the nausea.  I felt full and ready to go as soon as I was done breakfast.

I was a little overwhelmed by the plans for today, Z and I were going to travel to Fredericton to meet with my mom for the afternoon and evening eat out, then come back for Z’s bedtime.  I spent all last night looking for restaurants that would easily comply with my needs.  It stressed me out a little, I thought about bringing my own food, but then figured if I called ahead I might be able to figure things out.  My mom suggested eating at St. Hubert.  I realise the Chicken probably won’t be organic, but I think we can make this exception.  I called and asked about their seasoning, which  happened to not have sugar in it! and their veggies are steamed, he did however warn me that it had a honey seasoning on it and to ask not to have it added.  I was a little surprised that he mentioned the honey, because when people say they don’t eat sugar, I usually think about refined sugar as opposed to natural sugars.  So good on them!

Meal 2

Simply leftovers from the Asian Beef Broccoli I had the other day, served with a side salad of strawberries, cashews and olive oil.

I made it to Fredericton around 1530, and by 1630, I was starting to feel rather hungry.  My mom needed some snacks for the week, so Z and I tagged along.  Soooo many things were tempting me, but in the end I got some olives so I can have a little snack in the afternoon.  Not really a great snack, but it held me over until supper.

Meal 3


The food wasn’t this sloppily arranged on my plate, I just started to cut up pieces of my veggies for Z, and ate a little before taking the photo

As mentioned, we ate at St. Hubert and I simply had a Chicken Breast with some vegetables as a side.  It definitely wasn’t enough food, but I don’t feel ravenous now at 2300.  Z broke her Whole30 tonight, she wouldn’t eat anything but a slice of bread.  She truly is her father’s daughter.  She’s been eating very little lately, so I’m wondering if more teeth are coming in, but then again she is easily distracted so the coming and going of everyone around her probably had her too busy to focus on something so menial as food!

I’m used to eating a slice or two of old Cheddar cheese before bed, and tonight I definitely missed the cheese. A glass of water and bed will get me through until the morning.

Voila! Day 3 done, 27 more to go!

Day 2 – Things I Said NO To!

I woke up hungry this morning.  Which is a good sign.  Anyone of you who wakes up and doesn’t need to eat until 10am – there is something wrong with your body.  You should WANT to eat first thing in the morning.

I also woke up tired – but that’s because Z didn’t sleep well last night, well in her defense she probably slept well, I didn’t sleep well cause she was thrashing around in the middle of my bed and hitting me in the face with every movement.  I had enough room to lay there, but forget turning over!  I was a little cranky this morning – but surprise surprise! that’s normal!

My Whole30 e-Mail today was about finding support and setting myself up for success

My first support story was in the form of a Facebook message which really warmed my heart:

Meal 1


People always make fun of me for eating spaghetti or pizza for breakfast, but according to the direction the Whole30 is steering me, it’s a great way to start the day.  According to one thread I was reading, people were actually suggesting eating your leftovers for breakfast – finally people who understand me!

I didn’t have leftovers this morning, but I think that if I didn’t have to make little Z’s breakfast, I probably would eat them!

I had 2 1/2 organic eggs with dill and bacon with a side of mushroom.  I heard that organic bacon had a taste needing time to  get  used to, but I didn’t find any difference.

My crankiness faded away after a good shower and hanging some clothes on the line, the weather is spectacular!

Meal 2

Unremarkable meal, basically the same thing as yesterday with extra chicken, some added spinach and cashews instead of macadamia.  It felt like too much, and by the end I really didn’t want to eat anymore.

I didn’t feel the need to snack at all this afternoon which indicated that I had in fact eaten enough for lunch.  I did however go to a 1st birthday party for one of Z’s friends.  Here are things I was able to abstain from:
1. cute as a button CHOCOLATE animal cupcakes

2. Adorably arranged cheese on a grapefruit


4. Deviled eggs

5. Fruit Punch

It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be though, cause I was still feeling full from Lunch and it was only 1430, had it been later on in the afternoon, I might have found the temptation a little harder to resist.

I did have a few strawberries and grapes cause everyone was feeding their kids something, so I thought I’d do the same.

I have to mention that my friend Cynthia was really good about it all!  When she was offering people a glass of punch, she asked me if I wanted a glass of water.  Stating that she supported me and if I wanted water, by GOD! she would get me water!  I really appreciated that!

Meal 3


I took a curry recipe from “It Starts With Food”, but I was underwhelmed.  Firstly, I used lamb.  I thought I liked lamb, but the smell of it while cooking really turned me off of it.  It smelled ‘wooly’.  Is that normal?  I’ve heard people say that before, but I had never experienced it.  I remember eating ground lamb in NZ and it definitely didn’t smell or taste wooly.  And at the price/lbs, I think I’ll stick to ground beef and pork…  The veggies themselves weren’t too bad, but I ended up adding a few extra spices than what was recommended. It’s okay, hubby said he’d eat it as left overs (I don’t remember the last time he had left overs)

There you go! Day 2 complete, only 28 more to go!