Day 0 – Getting Ready!

I’ve decided to take my health into my own hands by starting the Whole30 challenge.  For the next 30 days, I will be eating a diet full of fruit, vegetable and organic meat, and a little side of nuts.   Why not organic veggies and fruit too?  Simply because I can’t afford it.

In order to get prepared for the challenge, I read “It Starts With Food” by Dallas and Mellisa Hartwig.  The logic of the book made me want to try the challenge.  Throughout the whole book I kept thinking about who could really benefit from this book apart from me, but before I recommend it to anyone, I have to do the challenge myself .  I can’t convince anyone if I haven’t tried it!

Secondly I made a menu of what I will be eating for the next week.  I already do that, so it wasn’t a confusing process, I’d say it went rather smoothly.


The book had some recipes which I used half of, and Pinterest helped me with the other half.  I searched for Paleo recipes and badda-bing badda-boom there they all were, but I had to be careful, not all Paleo recipes are Whole30 compatible.  I had to read each recipe out to make sure there were no ‘illegal’ products in the ingredients.  Anything that isn’t a Fruit, Veggie, Meat, or nut disqualified the recipe.  I suppose some things could have simply been left out – but better ward off temptation!  I mainly planned my suppers because I love leftovers for lunch.  So there goes two meals.  Breakfast is going to be the hardest.  I can only have 3 eggs for breakfast for so long, but I didn’t plan anything so far.  I’m hoping to fall across something amazing in the next few weeks!  I also came across a book called “Well Fed 2: More recipes for people who love to eat” by Melissa Joulwan, which is apparently Whole30 compliant.  I immediately went to Chapters to buy it, unfortunately they didn’t have it so ended up ordering it online and will only receive it next week 😦

Next up was finding places where I can buy organic meat.  The Farmer’s Market came to mind at once, but what if I needed other meat during the week?  I posted on Facebook and got a few recommendations which I immediately investigated.


My fridge looks really great right now! Although the light isn’t great… Image

Finally I had a good last binge before the start of the program.  Pizza and cookies!

So here goes!!


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