Day 3 – On the Road and in the Restaurant

I dreamt last night that I ‘accidentally’ ate a Bounty bar.  It was absolutely devastated.  I dreamt of smarties and Mr. Big and all sorts of other candy bars, which is unusual.  I thought it would be the pastas and chips that gave me nightmares… but no, candy bars!

After reading my motivational email from Whole30 this morning, I got up and felt extremely nauseated.  Dizzy, light headed and nauseated!  I haven’t felt this gross since I was in my first trimester with Z.  Before you get all excited, no I’m not pregnant, this is a normal part of the process as your body shifts from using sugars as a fuel to using fat and tries to heal itself.  You can bet that eggs did not seem appealing this morning.

Meal 1

2014-02-24 08.28.41

I googled a few eggless recipes and came up with Nomnompaleo‘s recipe for Stir-fry Kale and Bacon with a side of Pork sausages.  I was so hungry i cut up the sausages so they would cook faster!  This is my first time eating or preparing Kale, so I was a little apprehensive, but it was so simple and tastes pretty good.  A glass of orange juice would have been great with this, but a hot cup of peppermint tea will have to do.  I feel that the pork sausages really helped with the nausea.  I felt full and ready to go as soon as I was done breakfast.

I was a little overwhelmed by the plans for today, Z and I were going to travel to Fredericton to meet with my mom for the afternoon and evening eat out, then come back for Z’s bedtime.  I spent all last night looking for restaurants that would easily comply with my needs.  It stressed me out a little, I thought about bringing my own food, but then figured if I called ahead I might be able to figure things out.  My mom suggested eating at St. Hubert.  I realise the Chicken probably won’t be organic, but I think we can make this exception.  I called and asked about their seasoning, which  happened to not have sugar in it! and their veggies are steamed, he did however warn me that it had a honey seasoning on it and to ask not to have it added.  I was a little surprised that he mentioned the honey, because when people say they don’t eat sugar, I usually think about refined sugar as opposed to natural sugars.  So good on them!

Meal 2

Simply leftovers from the Asian Beef Broccoli I had the other day, served with a side salad of strawberries, cashews and olive oil.

I made it to Fredericton around 1530, and by 1630, I was starting to feel rather hungry.  My mom needed some snacks for the week, so Z and I tagged along.  Soooo many things were tempting me, but in the end I got some olives so I can have a little snack in the afternoon.  Not really a great snack, but it held me over until supper.

Meal 3


The food wasn’t this sloppily arranged on my plate, I just started to cut up pieces of my veggies for Z, and ate a little before taking the photo

As mentioned, we ate at St. Hubert and I simply had a Chicken Breast with some vegetables as a side.  It definitely wasn’t enough food, but I don’t feel ravenous now at 2300.  Z broke her Whole30 tonight, she wouldn’t eat anything but a slice of bread.  She truly is her father’s daughter.  She’s been eating very little lately, so I’m wondering if more teeth are coming in, but then again she is easily distracted so the coming and going of everyone around her probably had her too busy to focus on something so menial as food!

I’m used to eating a slice or two of old Cheddar cheese before bed, and tonight I definitely missed the cheese. A glass of water and bed will get me through until the morning.

Voila! Day 3 done, 27 more to go!


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