Day 5 – Short and Sweet

I had another dream about eating a chocolate bar last night, this time a coffee crisp, which is probably one of the last non caramel type of chocolate bar I would ever eat.  I was riding on guilt all night too!

Before I went to bed last night I put some Lavender Essential Oil on my feet to help with the inflammation of the inevitably sore muscles.  When I woke up this morning, I was able to tolerate a wide range of movement, namely the stairs even though we had gone through a few rounds of squats and burpees last night.

Lavender EO has anti-inflammatory properties as well as muscular and rheumatism relief.  You can rub some on your feet when you have a cough or a cold and it will alleviate your symptoms.  You need to make sure you have therapeutic grade oil such as Young Living‘s Essential Oils.  These Oils are certified organic and therapeutic level with no additives or substitutions.

Meal 1

February 26 (2)I fried up the last of my Kale this morning with a couple of pork sausages.  I had to share one with my husband, who has been so supportive and hasn’t asked me once for a sausage or bacon for breakfast.  I bet if I could find a good egg-less breakfast to cook up for him, he might ditch his bagels in the morning and join me on the healthy side.  I say that, but I also made PB toast for little Z (without licking my fingers!).  I just couldn’t bring myself to making her eggs again.  If she were a bit older (with a few more teeth) I might have given her kale and sausages.

Meal 2

Serious leftovers today.  Just some of this and some of that to clean out the fridge.  Left over chicken with the last of the spinach, some macadamia and olive oils.  I tried eating the rest of the deviled eggs, but apparently they’re a one shot deal.  They weren’t as good today, so I just tossed them too!

Meal 3

For supper I tried a Coconut Milk Curry Beef Stew recipe I found on Pinterest.  I didn’t exactly follow the recipe however.

  • Firstly, when I bought Parsnips last weekend, I accidentally bought Parsley Root.  It wasn’t until I got to the cash and the cashier mentioned that she had no idea that’s what Parsley root looked like that I realized why the Parsnip were located between the herbs and the carrots.  Usually I find them by the turnips and potatoes.  I did a quick search when I got home to see if I could still use it.  Although the flavor isn’t quite the same more of a carrot/celery flavor, I decided it would have to do.
  • I also NEVER precook meat I put in the slow cooker.  To me it defies the whole purpose of a slow cooker.
  • I didn’t have beef bone broth, but I did make some Chicken Broth in my slow cooker overnight, so I used that
  • Finally, I put left over brussels sprout from last night’s supper.  I’ll be honest, I probably won’t eat them otherwise, and they’ll just get tossed out during next week’s garbage pick up.

So… I’m not sure how the original recipe tastes, but this one was sweet.  My husband didn’t like it, but Z and I gobbled it up!

February 26I’m feeling a little more sore as the day goes on, but in all honesty I haven’t put any Lavender EO, or taken any pain relievers (it’s not really that bad).  I also didn’t do a whole lot today so my muscles are probably completely in shock, stuck in neutral.

Anyways, like I said, short and sweet that’s day 5! 25 more to go!


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