My Very first PR!

I am a very passionate person.  When I like something, I talk about it, over and over and over again, to anyone that is willing to listen.  I get frustrated when I talk to someone and they don’t give me their undivided attention.  I’m a very good listener but I am very seldom given the same treatment.  That’s why blogging about my Whole30 was a perfect outlet for me.  I knew people wouldn’t want to physically talk about what I was eating everyday or how great I felt.  I definitely feel disappointed when my stats are low, but in the end really this is a great way to keep track of progress.

…and this post is about CROSSFIT! (well the second part anyways)

It was our last Crossfit prep class tonight.  Naturally we reviewed every lifts we have learned and a couple new ones.  Our WOD was the same as the first day – Burpee Sandwich as our trainer named it

10 burpees

5 Rounds:
5x pushups 5x situps 5x squats

10 Burpees

My first go at this in February was 8:50, today I did the same workout in 5:38!  It’s so great to see such an improvement!  I can’t state how happy  I am with this prep class!  Although I know my first ‘real’ class will still feel intimidating, the prep class has really helped make me feel more at ease.  I know where things are and how they work at least!

I’m still eating clean and I haven’t done any re-introduction as of yet I’m waiting until after Easter.  

My mom was telling me  about an appointment she had with her doctor recently.  She casually mentioned about the Whole30 and how I had lost 7lbs in 30 days.  The doctor hadn’t heard of Whole30, but told my mom I would most likely gain the weight back when I start eating normally again.  I’m sure that’s not exactly how the conversation went but that’s how I felt it went.  I started to defend the Whole30, but I know my mom didn’t need convincing.  I also know that my mom’s pitch wasn’t the same as mine would have been.  I can’t help but think that eating foods that are whole and clean can’t really do my body any harm.  I’m not over eating proteins, I am eating a less carbs but I do try to make it up elsewhere.  I did start to research a little about the pros and cons of Paleo and worrying about it a little, but then I got over it.  The medical society has different stand points for everything and coconut oil is just another one of them!  I feel great and I think that’s what matters!

I like Melissa Joulwan’s theory of eating squeaky clean at home so when she goes out, she doesn’t have to feel guilty about eating pasta or peas!  Once my Whole30 is REALLY up, I think that’s the motto I want to live by!




Maybe there’s a little more energy there…

I got to sleep in until 8 this morning which is great because I fell asleep as soon as my head hit my pillow last night.  I was exhausted!  Baby girl didn’t wake up either, but her room was like a furnace!

I had a little present waiting for me on when I got in the kitchen this morning.  My husband bought me ‘Well Fed’ as a congratulatory present for completing my 30 days.  The best part was that he made a little card saying he was aware that he’s not the most supportive but that he was extremely proud of my achievements over the last month.  It made me a little teary!  I was so happy!  I ‘devoured’ the content and perused through the recipes.  I can’t wait to try them!

I made myself a onion and olive omelette for breakfast and by mid morning I was fully in cleaning mode!  My kitchen is almost all done for spring cleaning.  I just have windows and ceiling fan left… maybe tomorrow, we will see!

For lunch I reheated Fiesta Pork Chops with green beans.


Supper consisted of delicious Salmon Cake from Well Fed 2.  I love that this recipe has a few different ways of being done.  Tonight I chose to use the Jerk Seasoning cause it was the only variating I had all the ingredients for.  They turned out really great.  I could have just ate half a dozen, but thankfully I reminded myself that I had crossift and would be able to have some after the workout!  What a great reward!

For Crossfit tonight we did the same WOD as everyone else for the first time.  The mobility was much more brutal than the actual workout, but I survived both and had Salmon Cake!  That’s all that matters.


& Beyond (day 31)

First day  officially off of the Whole30, I celebrated by having some company for tea and weighing myself. 

I lost 3.2kgs in the last 30 days without losing any inches.  I’m still quite happy about the amount of weight lost, I have never in my life lost that amount of weight in any given time!  (excluding when I had my daughter obviously)

Meal 1 

2 boiled eggs and Kale with olives and bacon.  

Meal 2


A friend I hadn’t seen in almost a year came by bearing gifts this morning.  I was proud to show her my collection of Tea from David’s Tea.  She chose a spearmint tea and I had a couple peppermint teas, then we talked non stop for 2 hours.  I decided to keep her for lunch as I tried a recipe from Well Fed 2 using left over ribs from yesterday called Faux Pho.  It was very good!  I wish I had remembered to chop up some cilantro or had some fish sauce, but it was good nonetheless. Z was a perfect little doll the whole time too. She played with her toys, came in and out of the kitchen for some attention, then back to her toys. We hardly heard her until lunch.  

I was sad S. had to leave after lunch, but she had to get to work! I feel like we could have gone on talking all afternoon.  

I deep cleaned the living room while Z was sleeping and watched a few episodes of Dawson’s Creek on Netflix, my current guilty pleasure!

Meal 3



Fiesta Pork Chops and Green Beans with Sizzled Garlic.  

I couldn’t find any canned mild green pepper so I simply used a couple of Jalapeno.  When I tasted the pork chops it was muy picante, but I realize I hadn’t properly washed my hands after handling the peppers.  This recipe was a success even with my husband.  The onions, spices and peppers just blended so well together, it will probably become a regular dinner dish in our home!  The green beans I have made before and they were just as good this time as before.  The cumin and green beans mix so well together.  I think I could replace using 5 cloves of garlic with garlic infused olive oil.  It might save a little bit of time!

This week will be my last at the crossfit prep course, it will also be busy with cleaning the house thoroughly and preparing for Z’s 1 year birthday party! I’m so excited for this week!

Go me!


30 days of Whole30!


There it is! Day 30!  Holy Moly! I can’t believe I’ve stuck to it without any cheating!  This is quite a monumental achievement for me.

The biggest change I’ve noticed is that I haven’t had a headache in over a month.  Otherwise I believe the benefits have had very little impact.  But as they say, 20 years of crap eating could take longer than 30 days to undo, that’s why I’m extending my Whole30 until Easter.

One of the reasons I think I haven’t had such remarkable results is that I’ve had very little sleep in the last 30 days, but now that we’ve found a solution to Z’s being awake all night, I’m ready to try going to be on time and looking forward to waking up before her.

Secondly, my stress levels have not been managed very well since last October, but hopefully with summer just around the corner the reason for my stress will be dealt with and I’ll be able to see other benefits in my life!

I will be having potatoes as I see necessary from now on.  I know the reason they’re not included in the Whole30, but having completed the program, I believe it will have no impact on the rest of my journey.  My relationship with food has drastically changed.  Instead of thinking about food constantly, I’m thinking about food when it’s time to eat, I’m thinking about food in a healthier way, and I’m much more prepared about how I organize my meals.  I think that is a HUGE step in the right direction.

Tomorrow I will also measure and weigh myself.  In the next few weeks I will finish reading ‘It Starts With Food’ as I’ve skipped the reintroduction chapters.

So moving on.  This morning I decided that I would fast for my Ultrasound even though I hadn’t received those instructions.  I’ve had an U/S or two in my life, so I figured I would be better safe than sorry.  Sure enough, I made the right decision.

Meal 1

I had a little bit of left over Mulligatawny Stew.

Meal 2

Left over sausages and asparagus.

Meal 3

I’ve made and eaten Ribs for the very first time.  The recipe came from Well Fed 2 of course.  I had a side of left over coconut cauliflower rice, while my husband had fries.  His side looked better than mine, I have to admit.

That’s all for my Whole30, but feel free to continue following my journey!

Day 29

Meal 1

While my mom was entertaining the wee one over skype, I made myself an olive and spinach omelette.  I really did good with this omelette, it was golden yellow, no charred spots whatsoever. I impress myself sometimes!

Meal 2

Leftover dinner party meal minus the salmon cause I just couldn’t stomach it!

Needless to say I was hungry mid afternoon so I had a few bites of Mulligatawny Stew.

While talking to my husband he mentioned we would go for a big greasy breakfast on Monday when I’m done the Whole30.  Somehow I think he’s missed the point of this 30 days… :/

Meal 3

Oktoberfest Sausages and Bacon Wrapped Asparagus.  Sausages are one of my favorite comfort foods.  When we travelled around New Zealand in our Toyota TownAce Van kitted out with a burner, we often had sausages.  When we had the luxury of staying in a motel with a commune kitchen (very common in NZ by the way), I would make a pasta/sausage/capsicum mix up.  It was just too easy and so delicious, not to mention cheap too!

The poor farmer at the market must have found my questions pretty annoying today when I asked him if there were any sugar? honey? agave? maple sugar? bread? gluten? in his sausages and bacon.  He assured me that all there was in his product were meat and spices.  So I guess I’ll have to take his word for it, especially since I’ve been buying his products since day 1!

After supper it occurred to me that I had to do a Ultrasound prep for tomorrow and the person calling me had only specified not to have greasy foods for supper.   She wasn’t very specific as to what was considered greasy (deep fried?) so I kind of just rolled my eyes thinking – Lady Please, I’m eating clean, that should be enough!  Thinking back now, Bacon and Sausages might be considered greasy I suppose!  Oops!!

That’s all for Day 29!! 1, that’s ONE more full official day of Whole30!

Day 28 – A Dinner Party for Four!

I didn’t know how I was going to put today together efficiently, but that’s anxiety for you.  The day went very smoothly.  

Meal 1

Boiled eggs and Kale but today I added some apple chunks in!  It was a great discovery! My mom asked me about Kale the other day, she’s heard of it, but hearing me rave about it on here made her curious to try it.  I’ll be making her some next week so she can discover how awesome it is!  I’m a huge fried Bacon and Kale for breakfast advocate!

Groceries went smoothly.  We managed to do Superstore, Costco and Cleeves without a diaper leak! Yeah!  I’m getting good at this!

While Z played with a potato masher and some container lids, I got started getting things ready for tonight’s supper.  

I clarified some butter and made a hazelnut and spices butter blend for Salmon.  Next I prepped a butternut squash and head of garlic, made a fig balsamic vinaigrette and poached some pears.

Meal 2 

Left over Pina Colada Chicken with some broccoli and cauliflower.

I spent all afternoon cleaning the house.

Meal 3


I had my friends J&A over for supper.  Our meal was straight from “It Starts With Food” FancyPantsMeal: Delicious DInner Party.  

We had Hazelnut Roasted Salmon, Butternut Squash Puree with Roasted Garlic, Green Beans With Fig Vinaigrette and for dessert Vanilla Poached Pears with Raspberry Cream (the book calls for Almond Poached Pears however).

I thought the supper was a huge success! It was all very delicious!  Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of dessert which was light and so tasty.  I loved the Raspberry Cream although I mentioned that it would taste great on ice cream.  

Z loved the squash puree, she just couldn’t seem to get enough!

We didn’t get much chance to chat by the fire cause I had to put Z to bed and my guests had other engagements, but all in all it was a great little dinner party!

Two more days to go!



Day 27

Today was not the most inventive of days when it came to meals – sorry folks

Meal 1 – Plantain Pie

Meal 2 – Plantain Pie

Meal 3 – Pina Colada Chicken

Meal 4 – Pina Colada Chicken

Yeah, feeling a bit repetitive?

I did some painting in the morning, and unfortunately, the room won’t be done until Sunday 😦  I was really hoping to be done tonight or at least tomorrow afternoon.  I also scrubbed paint out of jeans for the very first time.  It is uncanny how when I paint a door jamb I inevitably get paint on my backside!

I was also planning on doing the groceries tonight after crossfit instead of tomorrow and maybe gain some time in planning my dinner party for four but I left my purse at home.  I suppose I could have come home to grab the wallet and go back out, but once I’m home, I’m not going anywhere.

I knew the Pina Colada chicken wasn’t going to be eaten by my husband, and honestly I’m glad cause I want to keep it all for myself.  The recipe comes from Well Fed 2, naturally.  The dish was sweet and spicy, not the burn your tongue spicy but the slow burn down the back of the throat kind of spicy which is nicely offset by the sweetness of the pineapple.  The recipe called for Jerk Seasoning which was also included in the cookbook.  I love having a well stock spice cupboard.  I’m pretty sure every spice mix in the book is composed of the spices I own.  The Jerk Seasoning called for some ground pepper which I haven’t bought in a long time, so I ground up some peppercorn, and let me tell you – I will never look at pepper the same way.  It smelled so good.  I suppose it’s the same difference between ground coffee and grinding your own right?  I don’t know I don’t drink coffee.

The recipe called for one green and one red capsicum I only had 2 green,and this made the dish look rather bland but I assure you it wasn’t.  The photo didn’t do it justice, it definitely needed the red vegetable, so I opted to not include the photo.

Already 4 weeks into crossfit, we only have 2 prep classes left until we’re on our own.  I cannot recommend these classes enough.  I like how great the trainers have been, how patient and non-discriminatory.  Here we are people of all shapes and sizes and we’re all treated with the same kind of respect.  I like it!

That’s all for day 27, 3 days remaining!

Day 26

Meal 1

Scambled eggs again this morning, I added broth and chicken from last night’s Mulligatawny Stew.  It was a great mixture!

Z and I  ran a few errands and paid a visit to the newest little girl in our family.

Meal 2

Mulligatawny Stew, it was just as good the second day around.

I took everything out of Z’s playroom for a redecoration, and put it all in the living room.  It’s been quite a challenge trying to toddler proof the living room, and it’s going to be a bit of a challenge until the playroom is all finished, but I’m sure it will be worth it!

After her nap, Z and I went for a walk around the backstreets and pick up some diced tomatoes for tonight’s supper.

Meal 3

I’ve had Plantain Pie on my Menu list since before I started my Whole30.  The first time I bought plantains I only got one, which wasn’t enough, the next three times I tried to buy them the store was all out.  Finally last Friday I was able to buy the sufficient amount I needed and try out this recipe.

Plantains look like bananas but are similar to potatoes in taste.  In some countries plantains are considered a staple food.  They are high in fiber, Vitamin C, and are known to have diuretic effects

This recipe is a little labor intensive with the plantain peeling and frying, I even did a Mis en Place and was ready to add my ingredients as I followed the steps, I think that is a crucial part of making this pie if you want it to be ready in time for supper.

I thought this was absolutely delicious, I even had seconds.  The sauce was perfect and the pie was just very filling.  I liked the plantain that were between two layers of sauce the best they reminded me faintly of slightly undercooked pie dough.  I loved it!

Here’s to 26 days down!


Day 25! Can you believe it!?

So I’m gonna say it quick – It was a ROUGH night!  Moving on.

I’ve done some things as a parent that I swore I would never do! For example at 6am I put my daughter in the playpen so she could watch Pocoyo on TV while I napped on the couch.  I was able to get about 30-45 minutes of extra sleep.  Z played with her toys and danced when the theme song came on.  She’s not really interested in TV anyways.

Meal 1


Since I had olives last night, that’s all I’ve wanted to eat.  So I put an omelette together this morning with olives, garlic, onions and chicken.  Is that weird?  Chicken and eggs together?  I always ponder that when I make a chicken omelette.

My husband took the day off (THANK GOD!) and we had a very vegetative kind of day.

We did however go to Costco to get dog food and laugh at the ridiculously expensive and small dog beds.  My husband, trying to be nice, would point out the Feta Sample, and the Strawberry and frozen yogurt samples, and immediately felt guilty.  However, in the candy aisles, they were giving out some sort of ‘All Natural, organic, no sugar added, gluten free’ bars.  I had the mind to check the ingredients which were: brown rice, agave syrup, and a variety of fruit.  My husband thought this was a little funny, yes you’re advertising that they’re all natural, but they aren’t paleo.. womp womp.

Meal 2


It was a very green meal and doesn’t look very appetizing, I know! Not pictured is a ton of olives I had after eating lunch.  Left over Stuffed Grape Leaves, Brussels Sprouts and Creamed Spinach.  You can’t say I don’t eat enough veggies!

At around 2 I had a nap.  The kind of nap where you’re in and out of consciousness, the drool pools on your pillow but it feels good!  I put my alarm on snooze 3 times, it was so hard to get up.  Z was feeling the same cause I had to bribe her with a bottle of milk to get her up.

Meal 3


I made Mulligatawny Stew from Well Fed 2.  I had bought some chicken thighs from the market but they weren’t deboned or skinned, I attempted to do both, but got frustrated and threw it out (that is extremely uncharacteristic for me).  Luckily I had canned some chicken last time I made Best Whole Chicken in a Crock Pot and I had two small jars of it I could add to the soup.  Otherwise, I followed the recipe to the letter!  That’s progress!

The stew was exactly what I needed.  I even mentioned to my husband that it was nourishing my soul!  I felt better right away!  Of course I made cauliflower rice as the recipe suggested and the meal was just so wholesome!

After supper I did the cleaning up while hubby took care of a little grumpy baby.  I didn’t feel like going to crossfit, but I knew I’d feel much better after I’d be done my workout, and boy was I right!?

We did the Deck of Death which Kevin, the owner/trainer assured us was going to be a lot of fun!  Surprisingly it was!  I feel great!

That’s all for day 25! 5 more DAYS!

Day 24 – Fueled by Tea!

Well okay my day wasn’t Tea fueled, but I did get my order of Organic Peppermint tea from David’s Tea today.  Along with it came 3 samples.  Genmaicha, Blue Lagoon, and Organic Pure Vanilla Rooibos.  The first two are out for Brown Rice and Cane sugar respectively, but the third one seemed legit until I read ‘With Natural Flavoring’.  David’s Tea FAQ was rather vague about what Natural flavoring were.  So I did what I do best and googled Whole30+Natural Flavoring.  This brought me to the Whole30 discussion boards and the okay was given for tea with Natural Flavoring.  I’m quite happy as this Rooibos is quite delicious.  Although I really want to buy a bag of it, I’m reminded of the last time I enjoyed a sample and bought a pouch.  I was a little disappointed with the purchase, it didn’t taste quite like I remembered.  My dad assured me this was a marketing scheme but would little ole David do that?  I can be very naive sometimes.  Other than the obvious telemarketer or peddler on the street I don’t believe that people are out to ‘get’ me!  So maybe I will buy 50 g of the Organic Pure Vanilla Rooibos!  Take that!

I was up before Z this morning and I’m happy to report that she slept all night!

Meal 1

Boiled eggs, mayo, Kale and bacon.  I used 3 slices of bacon this morning which was way too much.  The dogs got about half a slice each and were quite happy.  They spent the rest of the day running to their bowl every time I threw something out.

Meal 2

Left over Chilli from last night.  It was a little spicier than I’d like, and I did omit half of the cayenne when I made it yesterday.  It was very good though.

Meal 3

March 17

While Z slept I got tonight’s supper together.  Those grape leaves I was looking for?  They were to make stuffed grape leaves., another recipe from Well Fed 2.  I wasn’t too keen on the smell of the grape leaves, soaking them for 15 minutes helped wash out the liquid they were preserved in.  The grape leaves were a lot easier to roll than cabbage and made nice little ‘packages’.  According to Wikipedia this dish is considered a Sarma, but can also be called a Dolma.  Dolmas are middle eastern dishes and usually contain Lamb.  But after my experience with Lamb on Day 2 , I substituted it with ground beef for the recipe.

Since this is Paleo the rice was substituted with cauliflower.  I have to mention now that making cauliflower rice takes me a lot longer than it probably should because I don’t own an actual food processor.  I have a mini one that I use all the time to finely chop an onion or previously to make bread crumbs, but not an actual full size food processor.  So when I make cauliflower rice, I have to do it in about 10 batches to get it all done.  This recipe called for pulsing all the ingredients together to form a paste.  I omitted the meat from this process but put everything else in.  The results were still great.

The stuffed Grape Leaves were all done by 4 when Z woke up, which worked out perfectly because you need to refrigerate them as they are generally eaten cold or at room temperature.

I think I could have rinsed the grape leaves a little better to get the preserve liquid out, but otherwise these were really good.  I had (quite a few of) them with Tabbouleh and some garlic-stuffed olives.  My breath was really wonderful after supper!!  I unwrapped them for Z, and let her have a piece of olive.  She seemed to quite enjoy it too.  I know my husband will turn his nose at them, but more for me!

After a short 15 minute walk out in the cold Z went down like a dream and I have the rest of the evening to relax!

Yay me! Another day completed!