Day 8 -Bad decisions

I was wide awake at dawn this morning.  I couldn’t believe it!  6:45, and I had enough sleep!  I quickly assembled an outfit and headed to the Market before my husband went to work/baby woke up.  It was a little embarrassing showing up there at 7.  It seemed that I was the only one shopping, everyone else was setting up their booths.  I went straight to where I needed to go and bought the meat I needed and I was out of there.  I was home at 7:20.

Meal 1

2014-03-01 08.05.26

I cooked up the bacon from last Saturday for my husband and I.  I also fried some zucchini& mushrooms and a couple of hard boiled eggs

Meal 2

I finished off the beef stew for lunch.. it was about time too – it was good the first night, but didn’t really reheat as well.

Z and I went to another 1 year birthday party this afternoon.  There were Chips, and there was blackforest Chocolate Cake.  It was sooooo tempting, but I was able to resist.  At one point I ended up with chocolate cake on my pants and fingers, and it smelled so good, but I promptly washed it off to keep cravings at bay!  I was able to leave there without any close calls!  I’m so happy with myself!

A cousin of mine just had a baby yesterday, and as per tradition, I decided to make her a lasagna for when she gets home.  While baby was sleeping, I started making the sauce, I had made enough to have for supper, but Z and I got home late from the party.  She needed a nap so I put her down.  I hadn’t gone to get groceries yet, and my husband was going to be very late from work.  When Z got up, I decided to go do the groceries.

It really wasn’t the best decision as it was 6 o’clock, and I should have been having supper instead of getting groceries.  On top of it all, my husband hadn’t eaten all day and asked if I could bring him something to eat.  Again, I put groceries ahead of his request and ended up not even getting him anything cause it was all closed when I was done shopping.  I myself grabbed a Larabar (coconut cream).  I was turning around in circles in the grocery store looking for things on my list.  I was getting tired and annoyed so I left without 7 items I needed for next week’s menu.  It was now 7, Z needed another bottle, bath and bed.  I paid and beelined home to take care of Z’s needs. Because if Z isn’t happy, no one is happy, she needs her beauty rest!

I never ended up having a full meal for supper.  All I had was a combination of spaghetti sauce and a larabar, but at least I didn’t give in to temptation and buy highly processed foods.  I don’t feel cranky or hungry but today could probably have been planned out better!

that’s it for day 8 and the beginning of week 2


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