Day 9

Meal 1

Today was another disorganized kind of day.  I was up at 6:30 with no alarms, just good ole internal clock.  Breakfast was a couple of boiled eggs, cauliflower rice left over and a couple slices of prosciutto.

I was babysitting a friend’s kids today, so around 10 they were starting to feel peckish, I offered them ants on a log (minus the ants) with celery and Almond butter.  I was hoping they wouldn’t notice but they sure did.  Almond butter looks so much different than peanut butter.  I ended up eating 2 sticks of celery with almond butter… I wasn’t particularly hungry, but old habits die hard, there was no way I was throwing out all that food.  The girls settled for some cashews and a hot chocolate.

Meal 2

I turned the spaghetti sauce into lasagna with lots of cheese, which I very carefully avoided. The girls, little Z and my husband had lasagna while I had the rest of the cauliflower, prosciutto and Brussels Sprouts, there wasn’t enough sauce left over for me to have over zucchini 😦   I also made them chocolate chip cookies, and as much as I wanted to try out the dough, I refrained from it!  Yeah 2 really hard temptations (although I put myself in them) that I was able to overcome!

Once the girls were safely returned home, I headed to the grocery store to get the rest of the things I couldn’t get yesterday.  i got a couple of Larabars again, which I’m starting to think are becoming a problem.  I’m not a chocolate or granola bar eater, so I don’t feel that I’m replacing a habit with another.  Then again I guess I see it as a quick fix for hunger, so I might have to stop eating them until I’m done my 30 days!

Meal 3Image

I made Cranberry Turkey burgers from my Well Fed 2 cookbook.  I was supposed to make Mashed Sweet Potatoes, but thought that would look too bland next to the turkey burgers.  Instead I came up with some Sweet Potato Hash.

I cooked up 4 slices of bacon until crispy, removed it from the heat.  Added the cubed sweet potatoes to the bacon fat, added a little chicken broth and cooked them until soft.  I then added some chopped up green peppers, a little cinnamon and come cumin.

I mentioned to my hubby at supper that in the last 10 days, I haven’t felt hungry except for first thing in the morning.  I haven’t become overly busy in order to forget that I’m hungry.  My activities of daily living have absolutely not changed.  My meals have simply become fulfilling, and my goal is making me more conscious of how I really feel.

I’m afraid this is all for today! 9 days down


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