Day 10

I was a little overzealous this morning.  On top of making breakfast for myself and Z, I clarified some butter (what awfully tedious work), made my hubby’s lunch, broke one of my Corel plates, vacuumed the kitchen, did a TON of dishes, and reviewed a knitting pattern I want to start.  All this of course in between taking care of little Z and entertaining her.

Meal 1

March 3

I roasted up some Kale with coconut oil and a little salt, poached an egg and made Hollandaise sauce.  The sauce was really runny.  I was supposed to add a stick of butter, but because I clarified it, I probably only got about a third of the amount of butter needed.  It didn’t taste bad though.  I also have a mini food processor which I used to make this sauce.  I wasn’t able to drizzle the butter in while blending because of the safety mechanism.  But oh well, it hit the spot.  I wish I could find a recipe small enough for 1 person.  I would make this every morning to go on my eggs and Kale.  This might be my favorite thing to eat in the morning now.

Meal 2

Left overs from yesterday’s dinner.  Turkey Burger with Sweet Potato Hash

Meal 3

March 3 (2)

I’m not sure what my thinking was when I read the recipe for Scallops in Tarragon Cream in ‘It Starts With Food’.  I hadn’t prepared for a vegetable side.  I was able to flip through ‘Well Fed 2’ and find an appropriately not time consuming cooked carrot salad: Casablanca Carrots.  I didn’t follow the directions as well as I should have.  One very unhappy baby was letting me know that I probably shouldn’t have skipped her afternoon nap… two days in a row!

I foolishly gave scallops to little Z for the first time EVER before bed.  She has had fish before and done great with it, but never shellfish.  I gave her a bath and bottle, all in all she had a good hour of supervision before being put down for the night after a new food introduction.  She really seemed to like the scallops though!  She’s not a very picky eater, although she loves her veggies.  She would rather eat the colorful stuff and throw the meat to the overly eager dogs lying at the foot of her highchair. Sometimes I even have to dissuade the dogs to not clean her hands.  She willingly lets them, and fights me when I try to wipe her hands clean with a washcloth!  tsk!

That is all for day 10! A third of the way down! I’m loving this!


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