Day 11

After giving my daughter shellfish before bed yesterday, I decided to check on her before I went to bed.  MISTAKE!  I woke her up, and we were then up until 2:30.  I’ve never seen her so angry!!  She was fighting so hard, and screaming bloody murder.  I was not feeling like a great parent.

At 7:40 this morning, she was up, smiling and ready to go.  Me – Not so much!  I felt so hung over!  But I had to get up nonetheless.

Meal 1

March 4 (2)

I didn’t feel like eggs this morning, so I had some fried kale, prosciutto, and olives.

As soon as Z went to bed, so did I! I got an extra hour and a half of sleep, and it was meal time again.

Meal 2

March 4 (4)

I’ve mentioned before how crappy naps make me feel, so the last thing I wanted to eat when I woke up was yesterdays scallops.  Instead I had hot dogs.  Yes, hot dogs.  I found some Whole30 approved hot dogs at the grocery store and jumped on the opportunity to have them as a quick lunch someday.  That day was today.  They were pretty good, but I figured I’d need some vegetables to keep me full until supper.  I made myself some Ants on a Log.  I didn’t even bother to cut up the celery.  I opted for Almond Butter on one celery, and Sesame Seed Butter on the other.

Meal 3

March 4

This was DELICIOUS! I love Quiche, it’s one of my favorite any time meal.  (This was called Frittatta though, but same as a Quiche to me!).  I prepped it all early while the baby was napping, so at 5:30 I could just pop it in the oven.

I got the recipe from ‘It Starts With Food’, I also made the Classic Pantry Vinaigrette and Olive Oil Mayo which are also in that book.

I don’t think I’ll ever be buying Mayo again.  This Olive Oil Mayo is delicious and so easy to make.

I had crossfit tonight, it was such a great workout! I’ve never sweated so much.  Like, seriously – sweat running down my face!!  It feels so good to have an outlet, I feel so much more relaxed after a work out!

Post Work Out Meal

QUICHE!  I really wanted seconds at supper, but if I took more, there would be nothing for either PWO meal, or nothing for lunch tomorrow.  I’m really glad I waited, it might have been too much to have another piece of Quiche before the workout.

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of Lent.  I thought about extending my Whole30 until Easter, but I’ll have to wait and see.  I am however giving up Facebook + Twitter for 40 days.  My dependency on Social media is overwhelmingly time consuming.

That’s all for Day 11! Good night!


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