Day 12

Meal 1March 5 (2)

I typically have a breakfast rut.  I can go days eating the same thing, but then all of a sudden I need a change.  When I was pregnant, I would make Peanut Butter Oatmeal with blueberries for weeks on end.  Then one morning I’d wake up and need a change.  I could not go one more morning eating oatmeal.  This morning I actually googled recipes for breakfast.  I ended up with the usual boiled eggs and kale, but I had a side of mayo with my eggs.  It was a delicious change.  I think I might need to plan my breakfasts like I do my suppers.  Or I might skip breakfast altogether.

I found a recipe for Scotch eggs that I really want to try.  What else can I eat?  It is a little worrying that i’ve gone through 2 dozen eggs already this week… mind you 9 of those eggs were for the Quiche.

I finally got enough motivation to start spring cleaning.  I did half of my cupboards this morning, and planned on doing the other half in the afternoon, but other things, like property taxes, and calling the bank took all of my time.  So maybe it was just a little gust as opposed to a full blown cleaning whirlwind, but hey, it’s a start.

Meal 2

I obviously had the left over Quiche from last night with the Classic Pantry Vinaigrette.

I have a HUGE need for a exhaust fan in my kitchen.  This afternoon the whole house was smoky, I had to open up the windows in the kitchen, the front and back door, and the ceiling fans in the playroom and kitchen.  Nothing was burnt, it was just terribly smoky!

Meal 3

Tonight we’re having West African Chicken Stew and Cauliflower Coconut ‘Rice’  from Well Fed 2 – I am LOVING that recipe book!  The Stew was delicious, but it reminded me more of a curry.  My husband actually said “I’m growing fond of your Cauliflower Rice stuff, that stuff is good!”  I was a little worried though, because the only comments I get on my cooking are “It’s alright” or “I’m sorry”.  (He says he’s sorry, not me).

I think my cooking is awesome, maybe my audience just has a bland palate or can’t stray too far out of his comfort zone.  Mind you I am very passionate about food.  I asked my husband once what flavor sausages he would like, he simply responded that they were all the same to him.  I went on a loud 10 minute rant about how different each flavor sausage are in the middle of the meat section at the grocery store.  I don’t get it!  But then again, I like olives, mushrooms, and onion, so I might be the odd ball!

12 days down!  Feeling great!


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