Day 13

When you’re a bit of a hypochondriac, it’s never a good idea to ask Dr. Google about your aches and pain.  I woke up with a really sore back, I had very restless sleep last night and felt uncomfortable all night long. I didn’t make much of it, until just before lunch.  I realized my pain was mid lower back, only on my right side, and I felt nauseated.  (I only have 1 kidney, the right one).  Obviously the first thing I did was google Whole30+lower back pain.  There were a lot of threads about Paleo and kidney pain or kidney disease, claiming that an increase in protein and decrease in carbs could be the culprit.  Surely my protein intake hasn’t increased that dramatically.  I went on My Fitness Pal to calculate today’s meals and found that I’m seriously lacking in the Carbs department.  Even after adding my post work out meal, I’m still 100 g short of target.  Then I wondered how accurate MFP is.  According to Dr. Google, it could also be kidney stones, pregnancy, periods, and myriad of other gynaecological issues.

I’m also trying to be reasonable and blame it on weight lifting Tuesday night, or constantly carrying my 20 pounder, but why only on the right side, and why today?

Meal 1

I had eggs, kale and bacon for breakfast.  My husband asked me if I was going to take a photo, and I simply replied that I had eaten the same thing every morning this week so no, No photos

Meal 2

I thought maybe the nausea is from being hungry, as it was 1pm by the time I ate Left over African Chicken Stew and Coconut Cauliflower rice.  Nausea could also be from stress, it’s been known to happen.

Later on in the afternoon the pain migrated between my lower ribs to my upper hip.  I wasn’t able to bare the pain anymore, so I ended up in Emerge.  I got blood work, urinalysis and a series of X-Rays.  After five and a half hour, I was released with no explanation, but a later appointment for an UltraSound.  The pain is possibly from Gallstones, so I guess we’ll see next week.

By the time I got home it was 2230, I looked at the supper I had made and the Hartwig’s ‘Are you Really Hungry?’ trick came to me.  They say that if you think you’re hungry, ask yourself: “Would you eat steamed fish and broccoli right now?” If not then you’re not really hungry.  My supper had consisted of Moroccan Cod and steamed veggies, one look at the plate my husband prepared for me, and I was totally turned of – so I went to bed with no supper.  I was too darn tired!

Although I sat in front of three vending machines (coffee, pop, chocolate) for 5 and a half hours, I was still able to resist.  The thought of getting a pop never even occurred to me.

Yeah for another day down!


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