Day 14 & A Potato Rant

Meal 1


This morning’s meal was clearly thrown together haphazardly.  I was very short on produce this morning, so my plate looked bizarre!

Although the pain from yesterday is still present, it’s definitely not as bad as it was.  It doesn’t hurt to sit down any more, but there is still that lingering soreness on my right side just below the ribs.  It doesn’t feel like a pulled muscle or sore muscles at all, its deeper than that.

While Z was napping I planned out our meals and groceries for next week.  Lucky for my husband because he forgot his lunch this morning and I was going to swing by before getting the groceries.  I have switched the mayo on his sandwiches with the home made mayo I made earlier this week.  When I asked if he’s noticed a change he said he hadn’t, so out went the store bought mayo, along with the jar of Cheez Wiz, Sriracha sauce, Mustard, lime juice and cheese slices that had apparently expired in January.  My fridge door now looks a lot healthier!  If only I could convince hubby to have clarified butter on his bagels instead of plastic margarine.

I had to make a run at Costco this week.  I grabbed a lot of veggies that weren’t on the list, but I won’t be caught short of greens this week.  I love Costco, but when they don’t have what I’m looking for, I get frustrated.  There were no Sweet Potatoes this week.  I was planning on getting 2-5lbs bags at $4.50 each.  Instead I ended up with Brussels Sprouts, Asparagus, and Avocado.

I looked at all of their deli meats, none of them (other than prosciutto) were sugar free.. 😦

I got the rest of my groceries at the supermarket where I paid $15 for 10 Sweet Potatoes, and $10 for 2 Cauliflowers.  I couldn’t believe how expensive they were!  I try not to look at the cost of food too much cause eating good foods is very expensive.  As they say “You pay your farmer now or you pay your doctor later”!  Our grocery bill has gone up 100% since I’ve started the Whole30, I’m trying as much as I can to only buy necessities, but unfortunately, it’s very expensive.

Meal 2


I’m just going to come out and say it: I DO NO LIKE FISH.  I am however making a conscious effort to eat it anyways.  I discovered tilapia a few months ago and thought that was okay.  Very mild, cheap and versatile.  I even found a great recipe that I enjoyed tremendously but then one night the fish tasted like dirt.  I thought it might have been the particular batch, so I made the recipe again on a different occasion but I got that earthy taste again.  My husband reassured me it was just me, he thought the fish was beautiful.  So apparently I don’t like Tilapia anymore.  Cod has always tasted very fishy to me, but I thought I’d try a Moroccan recipe for chicken/pork/white fish from ‘It Starts With Food’ using Cod.  As I’ve mentioned yesterday, I wasn’t interested in it before bed, so I had it for lunch.

I need to prepare myself mentally to eat fish.  I’m not trying to be difficult, but to me fish, wine, beer, blue cheese all taste like poison.  My tongue just doesn’t want to.  Here I am preparing myself, lo and behold! the fish was pretty darn good – even though microwaved.  I had about  half of it but my brain kicked in and said ‘What the darn heck?’ and I couldn’t eat it anymore, so I pawned it off on Z who happily grabbed the pieced with her increasingly dextrous little hands.  Granted the dogs got the most of it, but she seemed happy to share with them.  I can’t get over how independent she is lately.  She won’t eat from her own rubber cutlery, it has to be off a metal fork, and more precisely the fork I just stuck in my own mouth!

Meal 3


As it’s day 14, I thought Steaks would be a good celebratory meal ( I love steak), so I made the Mocha Steak Rub from ‘It Starts With Food’.  This time the fire alarm only went off once.  I lined a darker cookie sheet with Parchment paper and put the oven rack all the way to the top.  I broiled my steaks for about 10 minutes and they were done just as we like them – Medium.

I also cheated a little – but let me explain!

We had baked potatoes.  Potatoes are not allowed on the Whole30 because we have an unhealthy relationship with them.  Think about it.  Mashed potatoes with cream or butter.  Baked potatoes with Sour Cream and Cheddar.  Fries.  Chips.  Potatoes are totally legal, they’re a vegetable, but because of the reliance on them, people need to keep them out of their diet so they can realize how amazing other vegetables are, and how nutritiously complete they are.  Potatoes have very little health benefits.

Here I’m going to go on a potato tangent: My father is from a generation of potato grower.  He was a potato grower when I was younger until I was in my early teens.  We had potatoes with every meal.  No really, I don’t think you understand.  EVERY. SINGLE. MEAL. Breakfast, lunch, supper, snacks.  Spaghetti and mashed potatoes.  Fried Rice and potatoes.  Chicken Noodle soup.. with potatoes.  I’m not kidding.  When I was old enough to serve my own plate, I would often skip the potatoes and my dad would plainly ask “Pas de patates, quoi?” (No potatoes or what?) It was just the norm.  It wasn’t until I was on my own that I really discovered all the wonderful things potatoes could do, and for a while I started to have potatoes with my every meal too.  (I also used to eat them raw!) I’m a chip addict, I love them, especially the Ruffle brand with some ranch dip mmmm! Or the Sea Salt and Pepper Lays.  Or even the BBQ Humpty Dumpty my parents buy in Maine.  I have always avoided buying chips because I know myself and I know the bag would be empty withing a matter of hours.  I just can’t help myself.  I also knew I needed to change the realtionship I had with Potatoes so I cut them out completely from our groceries.

So back to why I had a baked potato tonight: I needed the carbs and I needed a celebration food and it wouldn’t do me any damage to have a baked potato for supper tonight.  I’m glad I did! It was delicious!

Two weeks in, Two weeks to go!


One thought on “Day 14 & A Potato Rant

  1. Julie Nowlan says:

    I love how we’re so close into having to talk ourselves in to eating different things, and my list is the exact same as you haha!

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