Day 15

I have Zero photos today!

My husband let me sleep in this morning, Z was up at 6:30 for some reason, and he had to be up anyways.  He even fed her and gave her her bottle!  I was impressed!

Meal 1

Boiled eggs and Bacon Kale with Pecans.

Meal 2

Left over steak, baked potato and beans

We then went to another of Z’s little friend’s 1st birthday party.  I didn’t venture too close to the food table, but from what I saw people eating the food looked amazing!  It was lots of fun to see other little kids with enough room to run around and play!  I was glad to see too that the little guy wasn’t forced to eat the cake, he was way more into the banana he was given!  I think for Z’s Bday I’ll attempt some whipped coconut milk.  It will be light and fluffy and probably easier for her to dig into.  I’ve also found a Paleo brownie I’ll use as the cake, my only issue is that its sweetened with honey.  I wonder if I could substitute honey with something else or leave it out all together.  I know she’ll be One, but I want to hold off on the Honey a little longer I think!  Am I being irrational here?

Meal 3

I made spaghetti sauce again this morning cause I had a hankering.  I also made my zucchini ‘noodles’ and let them dehydrate in the fridge for most of the day. We had company for supper, my cousin and her boyfriend seemed to like the Zucchini noodles, as did I.  I’m definitely going to be making them again.  And this time, I know how to properly use my Julienne Peeler, I shouldn’t be cutting the inside of my hand too much!

I wish I could say that I’m feeling the benefits of the Whole30 right now, but other than not being hungry between meals there aren’t too many perks as of yet.  I just can’t wait for the oodles of energy and the leaping out of bed at dawn!  I do feel very tired, but I have been getting up in the night to settle Z.  We’ll see!

That’s all for Day 15! 15 More to go, Unreal!


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