Day 17

If you think I’m going to say I had hard boiled eggs this morning, you’d be wrong!  I made an omelette with the left over pork and some tomatoes.  I also had half an avocado on the side.  I started to eat it before I remembered to take a photo, so sorry!  It was quite delicious.  I still can’t believe how good that pork was!  Z was more interested in the avocado than the omelette, but so long as she’s eating something I’m ok with it!

I was feeling particularly productive today, I went up in the attic and sorted through all the baby clothes that I have been given.  I put them in the appropriate containers by age and bagged everything I wasn’t going to use so I can bring it to Value Village.  I also made a list of things Z had enough of so when someone asks me what she needs for bday/christmas I’ll have my answer ready.  Z played patiently in her crib while I did all this.

Meal 2

I had left over Pork and Green Collards from yesterday

Z went down for a nap and the productivity continued, I pinned the hem of my pants (which I’ve been meaning to do for the last 2 years) pinned some wet bags for Z’s babysitter, and pinned a cushion cover I want to make from an old T-Shirt I just can’t throw out.  I also finally figured out how to use my Snap plier to install snaps on Z’s Velcro diapers.  So easy!  Goodbye velcro!

Meal 3

2014-03-10 18.09.50

The Spinach is kind of taking over the plate!

I made No Fuss Salmon Cakes from ‘It Starts With Food‘ with some Mashed Cauliflower Puree from ‘Well Fed 2‘, and a simple spinach salad with cashews and raisins (I know I’m kind of into raisins this week aren’t I?)  I was really surprised at how good the Salmon cakes were! I would eat this every week, and they may just be the perfect post workout snack too!  As the book says it could be called Protein-Carb-Fat cakes.  Its perfect!  The Cauliflower was good too, but a little too runny.  I think next time I’ll put half of the coconut milk required.

After supper, Z and I went for a quick 20 minute walk, and she went down for the night!  Hubs and I will try to cram in a couple episodes of Supernatural before we head off to bed!

That’s all for day 17!


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