Day 18

I’m still finding it hard to get up in the morning.  I’ll blame it on time change though, for this week at least!

Meal 1


Tomato and Pork omelette with half an avocado.  Z kept feeding her omelette to the dogs and hogging all the avocado.  Our dogs are very well fed here!

After a screamfest, I decided to put Z down for a nap a little earlier than usual.  In the meantime I finished up my sowing.  Z slept a solid 3 hours straight! It was 1 when she decided to get up.

Meal 2

Left overs from yesterday: Salmon cake and mashed cauliflower.  I wasn’t particularly hungry, so I didn’t add the spinach salad as per yesterday.

Z and I played all afternoon, skipping a possibly needed nap.  I had planned to go to the park with her today and never ended up going.  My husband said he’d be by in the afternoon for a few hours, so we waited and waited, but work obligations kept him away.  I finished cleaning up the attic and decided that it would probably be quicker for me to put the unwanted baby clothes on Kijiji than bringing it to Value Village.  Sure enough the add was not up longer than 10 minutes that the clothes were all gone!! Way faster than putting the 3 garbage bag full of clothes in my car and trucking it around for a month before I ‘happen’ to go by Value Village!

Meal 3


Sunrise Scramble from ‘Well Fed 2’.  My husband is not a fan of eggs, so instead of scrambling the eggs I baked it in the oven as a quiche, apparently quiche are okay for him to eat regardless of the eggs…  The spices were the same as the Pork Roast I made on Sunday, but the taste was sooo different.  The scramble seemed more appropriate for breakfast as it has apples and cinnamon in it, but apparently some people eat breakfast foods for supper…  I’ve had something similar to this before too, but there was bread involved, so this was a nice substitution.

I had crossfit again tonight, come to find out that last week I missed the all so important nutrition talk.  I always wondered why they make those half way through a training session.  I was a little annoyed to miss it.  Although I know that I’m eating the right things for my work out, and for my life.  After the workout I had a left over salmon cake.  They’re really good cold too!

My Crossfit homework tonight is to come up with a 15 second pitch to sell Crossfit.  I’m not very good at marketing, so we will see how this goes!

18 days down!


One thought on “Day 18

  1. I’m having the same problem waking up these days. Doesn’t feel like I’ve had enough sleep and doggone it- it’s still dark outside! Beautiful meals. Love the pork omelette idea.

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