Day 21

I think the reason I’m not feeling the surge of energy I should be feeling is because I’m up all night.  I am still being productive and able to resist naps, but I’m definitely not getting enough sleep.

Meal 1

2014-03-14 09.48.57

Simple Boiled eggs and mayo with half an avocado with coconut amino.  I was first introduced to Avocado by a Japanese lady named Naomi.  She cut it up for us and sprinkled some soy sauce over it and called it a snack.  I was hooked.  unfortunately soy sauce is not part of clean eating so I had to settle with coconut amino.  It wasn’t quite the same, coconut amino is a little sweeter, and maybe a less salty than the beloved soy sauce.  Z had some left over apple sauce I used for the Taj Mahal Chicken and the other half of the avocado! I can’t believe how much she eats!

We then dashed out to get some groceries.  Once at the supermarket we were ambushed to apply for a credit card, which regrettably I agreed to.  We got everything we needed and headed to the bulk barn where I was finally able to find Arrowroot powder!  Most of my recipes this week call for Arrowroot powder and although Bob’s Red Mill carries it, my supermarket doesn’t.  My next mission is to find Grape Leaves, but a kind lady at the Bulk Barn told me where I might find it!  I would have gone to the Mediterranean store but it was 1 and I still had to drop of my husband’s lunch, and feed the baby.

Meal 2

I accidentally skipped my second meal.  I guess the whole getting up at 9:30 and having breakfast at 10 is throwing me off.  I had a couple of left over meatballs this afternoon but that was it.  I wasn’t hungry and I was on a cleaning mission, so better not to interrupt.  This is very atypical of me though, so I’m not too worried!

Meal 3

2014-03-14 18.33.35

All three recipes from Well Fed 2: Perfect Steak, Green Beans with Sizzled Garlic and Garlic Creamed Spinach.  I know I have two green veggies on my plate, but that’s all I had.  My mom always makes sure the veggies she makes are different contrasting colors.  Broccoli and carrots, or corn and peas etc.

The arrowroot flour was for the steak, although I’m not sure what it did for the steak.  It was good nonetheless, not spicy like the last two weeks and done to perfection!  One of the things that is so awesome about this cookbook is that is give suggestions of what to serve with each recipe.  So I picked two of the vegetable suggestion and came up with creamed spinach (which reminded me so much of summer and my parent’s home) and the green beans.  The recipes each took about 5 minutes to cook up, so it was a perfect last minute addition to the meal.  Z loved the green beans and the dogs loved her portion of the steak!

We didn’t really have enough time after supper to go for a walk so I just dressed Z up and we went sledding around the backyard with the dogs.  She had a blast!  She laughed when I fell, she laughed when the dogs chased each other, it was just so heartwarming to hear her giggles.

That’s another day done!



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