Day 22

I forget every year why giving up facebook is so hard.  It feels terribly lonely and isolated without it.  I don’t have 20 friends who text me everyday, and I rarely have anyone who calls, so not knowing what other people are up to or that there are people looking to reach out to me is very hard.  And I still have over a month to go.  Mind you this is lent and what I’ve given up is nothing compared to what the meaning of Lent is, but I just thought I’d share this insight anyways.  Today was very uneventful so it will be quick and dry:

Meal 1

I had left over quiche from a couple of nights ago.  My heart wasn’t in it though and I only ate half

Meal 2

Left over steak and green beans from yesterday’s supper

Meal 3

I made Best Whole Chicken in a Crock Pot again for supper because tomorrow’s recipe needed 3 cups of broth.  So overnight my slow cooker will be creating some wonderful chicken broth!  With that I made my favorite Cinnamon Chile Sweet Potatoes and Mustard Garlic Brussels Sprouts from Well Fed 2.  My husband even tried the Brussels Sprout and said they weren’t too bad.  I think they’re great!

We went for a short walk after supper even though it was drizzling, Z fell asleep on the way and now refuses to go to bed 😦 So here’s to hoping she finds sleep again soon!

That’s it!


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