Day 23

1 Short week until my challenge is over.  I was mentioning to my friend Jill that I’m a little disappointed with not having any results yet.  She assured me that she was seeing results.  She was the one that mentioned that my face looked slimmer only 2 weeks in.  I’m excited for day 31 where I get to weigh and measure myself.  I know that shouldn’t be my motivation, but the lack of results elsewhere makes me hope that the weight is the result.

What a hectic day today.  We were all up by 8:30 and while I fed Z and got supper preparation under way my husband tended to the dogs and loaded up the car.  We went to the Home Show, came home ate, went to a 1 year birthday party, dropped off a babyshower gift, drove across town where I got dropped off to a different babyshower while my husband and daughter came back home to pick up the dogs and go to the park.  We all reconvened home at 5pm to supper, then bathe the baby, put her to bed and finally get to relax!  Phew!

Meal 1

In the whirlwind of the morning I only had a few pieces of last night’s chicken.  By the time we left the Home Show, I was starving!

Meal 2

I had left over Taj Mahal Chicken and added some chicken from last night.

At the baby shower I had some fruit and vegetable, clearly I was lacking in proper nutrition for today.

Meal 3


I made Cincinnati Chilli for supper from Well Fed 2.  Honestly I was so hungry and it was so hot that I didn’t taste much.  I’ll have another taste tomorrow for lunch.

I’m exhausted so here’s to another night!


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