Day 24 – Fueled by Tea!

Well okay my day wasn’t Tea fueled, but I did get my order of Organic Peppermint tea from David’s Tea today.  Along with it came 3 samples.  Genmaicha, Blue Lagoon, and Organic Pure Vanilla Rooibos.  The first two are out for Brown Rice and Cane sugar respectively, but the third one seemed legit until I read ‘With Natural Flavoring’.  David’s Tea FAQ was rather vague about what Natural flavoring were.  So I did what I do best and googled Whole30+Natural Flavoring.  This brought me to the Whole30 discussion boards and the okay was given for tea with Natural Flavoring.  I’m quite happy as this Rooibos is quite delicious.  Although I really want to buy a bag of it, I’m reminded of the last time I enjoyed a sample and bought a pouch.  I was a little disappointed with the purchase, it didn’t taste quite like I remembered.  My dad assured me this was a marketing scheme but would little ole David do that?  I can be very naive sometimes.  Other than the obvious telemarketer or peddler on the street I don’t believe that people are out to ‘get’ me!  So maybe I will buy 50 g of the Organic Pure Vanilla Rooibos!  Take that!

I was up before Z this morning and I’m happy to report that she slept all night!

Meal 1

Boiled eggs, mayo, Kale and bacon.  I used 3 slices of bacon this morning which was way too much.  The dogs got about half a slice each and were quite happy.  They spent the rest of the day running to their bowl every time I threw something out.

Meal 2

Left over Chilli from last night.  It was a little spicier than I’d like, and I did omit half of the cayenne when I made it yesterday.  It was very good though.

Meal 3

March 17

While Z slept I got tonight’s supper together.  Those grape leaves I was looking for?  They were to make stuffed grape leaves., another recipe from Well Fed 2.  I wasn’t too keen on the smell of the grape leaves, soaking them for 15 minutes helped wash out the liquid they were preserved in.  The grape leaves were a lot easier to roll than cabbage and made nice little ‘packages’.  According to Wikipedia this dish is considered a Sarma, but can also be called a Dolma.  Dolmas are middle eastern dishes and usually contain Lamb.  But after my experience with Lamb on Day 2 , I substituted it with ground beef for the recipe.

Since this is Paleo the rice was substituted with cauliflower.  I have to mention now that making cauliflower rice takes me a lot longer than it probably should because I don’t own an actual food processor.  I have a mini one that I use all the time to finely chop an onion or previously to make bread crumbs, but not an actual full size food processor.  So when I make cauliflower rice, I have to do it in about 10 batches to get it all done.  This recipe called for pulsing all the ingredients together to form a paste.  I omitted the meat from this process but put everything else in.  The results were still great.

The stuffed Grape Leaves were all done by 4 when Z woke up, which worked out perfectly because you need to refrigerate them as they are generally eaten cold or at room temperature.

I think I could have rinsed the grape leaves a little better to get the preserve liquid out, but otherwise these were really good.  I had (quite a few of) them with Tabbouleh and some garlic-stuffed olives.  My breath was really wonderful after supper!!  I unwrapped them for Z, and let her have a piece of olive.  She seemed to quite enjoy it too.  I know my husband will turn his nose at them, but more for me!

After a short 15 minute walk out in the cold Z went down like a dream and I have the rest of the evening to relax!

Yay me! Another day completed!


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