Day 25! Can you believe it!?

So I’m gonna say it quick – It was a ROUGH night!  Moving on.

I’ve done some things as a parent that I swore I would never do! For example at 6am I put my daughter in the playpen so she could watch Pocoyo on TV while I napped on the couch.  I was able to get about 30-45 minutes of extra sleep.  Z played with her toys and danced when the theme song came on.  She’s not really interested in TV anyways.

Meal 1


Since I had olives last night, that’s all I’ve wanted to eat.  So I put an omelette together this morning with olives, garlic, onions and chicken.  Is that weird?  Chicken and eggs together?  I always ponder that when I make a chicken omelette.

My husband took the day off (THANK GOD!) and we had a very vegetative kind of day.

We did however go to Costco to get dog food and laugh at the ridiculously expensive and small dog beds.  My husband, trying to be nice, would point out the Feta Sample, and the Strawberry and frozen yogurt samples, and immediately felt guilty.  However, in the candy aisles, they were giving out some sort of ‘All Natural, organic, no sugar added, gluten free’ bars.  I had the mind to check the ingredients which were: brown rice, agave syrup, and a variety of fruit.  My husband thought this was a little funny, yes you’re advertising that they’re all natural, but they aren’t paleo.. womp womp.

Meal 2


It was a very green meal and doesn’t look very appetizing, I know! Not pictured is a ton of olives I had after eating lunch.  Left over Stuffed Grape Leaves, Brussels Sprouts and Creamed Spinach.  You can’t say I don’t eat enough veggies!

At around 2 I had a nap.  The kind of nap where you’re in and out of consciousness, the drool pools on your pillow but it feels good!  I put my alarm on snooze 3 times, it was so hard to get up.  Z was feeling the same cause I had to bribe her with a bottle of milk to get her up.

Meal 3


I made Mulligatawny Stew from Well Fed 2.  I had bought some chicken thighs from the market but they weren’t deboned or skinned, I attempted to do both, but got frustrated and threw it out (that is extremely uncharacteristic for me).  Luckily I had canned some chicken last time I made Best Whole Chicken in a Crock Pot and I had two small jars of it I could add to the soup.  Otherwise, I followed the recipe to the letter!  That’s progress!

The stew was exactly what I needed.  I even mentioned to my husband that it was nourishing my soul!  I felt better right away!  Of course I made cauliflower rice as the recipe suggested and the meal was just so wholesome!

After supper I did the cleaning up while hubby took care of a little grumpy baby.  I didn’t feel like going to crossfit, but I knew I’d feel much better after I’d be done my workout, and boy was I right!?

We did the Deck of Death which Kevin, the owner/trainer assured us was going to be a lot of fun!  Surprisingly it was!  I feel great!

That’s all for day 25! 5 more DAYS!


One thought on “Day 25! Can you believe it!?

  1. Jillian says:

    Deck of death (or pack of death as we call it) it terrible & AWESOME! I’d like to eat that stew through the computer!! -Cheers

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