Day 27

Today was not the most inventive of days when it came to meals – sorry folks

Meal 1 – Plantain Pie

Meal 2 – Plantain Pie

Meal 3 – Pina Colada Chicken

Meal 4 – Pina Colada Chicken

Yeah, feeling a bit repetitive?

I did some painting in the morning, and unfortunately, the room won’t be done until Sunday 😦  I was really hoping to be done tonight or at least tomorrow afternoon.  I also scrubbed paint out of jeans for the very first time.  It is uncanny how when I paint a door jamb I inevitably get paint on my backside!

I was also planning on doing the groceries tonight after crossfit instead of tomorrow and maybe gain some time in planning my dinner party for four but I left my purse at home.  I suppose I could have come home to grab the wallet and go back out, but once I’m home, I’m not going anywhere.

I knew the Pina Colada chicken wasn’t going to be eaten by my husband, and honestly I’m glad cause I want to keep it all for myself.  The recipe comes from Well Fed 2, naturally.  The dish was sweet and spicy, not the burn your tongue spicy but the slow burn down the back of the throat kind of spicy which is nicely offset by the sweetness of the pineapple.  The recipe called for Jerk Seasoning which was also included in the cookbook.  I love having a well stock spice cupboard.  I’m pretty sure every spice mix in the book is composed of the spices I own.  The Jerk Seasoning called for some ground pepper which I haven’t bought in a long time, so I ground up some peppercorn, and let me tell you – I will never look at pepper the same way.  It smelled so good.  I suppose it’s the same difference between ground coffee and grinding your own right?  I don’t know I don’t drink coffee.

The recipe called for one green and one red capsicum I only had 2 green,and this made the dish look rather bland but I assure you it wasn’t.  The photo didn’t do it justice, it definitely needed the red vegetable, so I opted to not include the photo.

Already 4 weeks into crossfit, we only have 2 prep classes left until we’re on our own.  I cannot recommend these classes enough.  I like how great the trainers have been, how patient and non-discriminatory.  Here we are people of all shapes and sizes and we’re all treated with the same kind of respect.  I like it!

That’s all for day 27, 3 days remaining!


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