30 days of Whole30!


There it is! Day 30!  Holy Moly! I can’t believe I’ve stuck to it without any cheating!  This is quite a monumental achievement for me.

The biggest change I’ve noticed is that I haven’t had a headache in over a month.  Otherwise I believe the benefits have had very little impact.  But as they say, 20 years of crap eating could take longer than 30 days to undo, that’s why I’m extending my Whole30 until Easter.

One of the reasons I think I haven’t had such remarkable results is that I’ve had very little sleep in the last 30 days, but now that we’ve found a solution to Z’s being awake all night, I’m ready to try going to be on time and looking forward to waking up before her.

Secondly, my stress levels have not been managed very well since last October, but hopefully with summer just around the corner the reason for my stress will be dealt with and I’ll be able to see other benefits in my life!

I will be having potatoes as I see necessary from now on.  I know the reason they’re not included in the Whole30, but having completed the program, I believe it will have no impact on the rest of my journey.  My relationship with food has drastically changed.  Instead of thinking about food constantly, I’m thinking about food when it’s time to eat, I’m thinking about food in a healthier way, and I’m much more prepared about how I organize my meals.  I think that is a HUGE step in the right direction.

Tomorrow I will also measure and weigh myself.  In the next few weeks I will finish reading ‘It Starts With Food’ as I’ve skipped the reintroduction chapters.

So moving on.  This morning I decided that I would fast for my Ultrasound even though I hadn’t received those instructions.  I’ve had an U/S or two in my life, so I figured I would be better safe than sorry.  Sure enough, I made the right decision.

Meal 1

I had a little bit of left over Mulligatawny Stew.

Meal 2

Left over sausages and asparagus.

Meal 3

I’ve made and eaten Ribs for the very first time.  The recipe came from Well Fed 2 of course.  I had a side of left over coconut cauliflower rice, while my husband had fries.  His side looked better than mine, I have to admit.

That’s all for my Whole30, but feel free to continue following my journey!


One thought on “30 days of Whole30!

  1. Job well done Louise!!! Congratulations! I truly enjoyed reading your blog each day. I’ve never left any comments but I must admit, you’ve inspired me to make better choices! It takes lots of courage and determination to commit to a whole 30 days of clean eating. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. You’re an inspiration!

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