& Beyond (day 31)

First day  officially off of the Whole30, I celebrated by having some company for tea and weighing myself. 

I lost 3.2kgs in the last 30 days without losing any inches.  I’m still quite happy about the amount of weight lost, I have never in my life lost that amount of weight in any given time!  (excluding when I had my daughter obviously)

Meal 1 

2 boiled eggs and Kale with olives and bacon.  

Meal 2


A friend I hadn’t seen in almost a year came by bearing gifts this morning.  I was proud to show her my collection of Tea from David’s Tea.  She chose a spearmint tea and I had a couple peppermint teas, then we talked non stop for 2 hours.  I decided to keep her for lunch as I tried a recipe from Well Fed 2 using left over ribs from yesterday called Faux Pho.  It was very good!  I wish I had remembered to chop up some cilantro or had some fish sauce, but it was good nonetheless. Z was a perfect little doll the whole time too. She played with her toys, came in and out of the kitchen for some attention, then back to her toys. We hardly heard her until lunch.  

I was sad S. had to leave after lunch, but she had to get to work! I feel like we could have gone on talking all afternoon.  

I deep cleaned the living room while Z was sleeping and watched a few episodes of Dawson’s Creek on Netflix, my current guilty pleasure!

Meal 3



Fiesta Pork Chops and Green Beans with Sizzled Garlic.  

I couldn’t find any canned mild green pepper so I simply used a couple of Jalapeno.  When I tasted the pork chops it was muy picante, but I realize I hadn’t properly washed my hands after handling the peppers.  This recipe was a success even with my husband.  The onions, spices and peppers just blended so well together, it will probably become a regular dinner dish in our home!  The green beans I have made before and they were just as good this time as before.  The cumin and green beans mix so well together.  I think I could replace using 5 cloves of garlic with garlic infused olive oil.  It might save a little bit of time!

This week will be my last at the crossfit prep course, it will also be busy with cleaning the house thoroughly and preparing for Z’s 1 year birthday party! I’m so excited for this week!

Go me!



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