Maybe there’s a little more energy there…

I got to sleep in until 8 this morning which is great because I fell asleep as soon as my head hit my pillow last night.  I was exhausted!  Baby girl didn’t wake up either, but her room was like a furnace!

I had a little present waiting for me on when I got in the kitchen this morning.  My husband bought me ‘Well Fed’ as a congratulatory present for completing my 30 days.  The best part was that he made a little card saying he was aware that he’s not the most supportive but that he was extremely proud of my achievements over the last month.  It made me a little teary!  I was so happy!  I ‘devoured’ the content and perused through the recipes.  I can’t wait to try them!

I made myself a onion and olive omelette for breakfast and by mid morning I was fully in cleaning mode!  My kitchen is almost all done for spring cleaning.  I just have windows and ceiling fan left… maybe tomorrow, we will see!

For lunch I reheated Fiesta Pork Chops with green beans.


Supper consisted of delicious Salmon Cake from Well Fed 2.  I love that this recipe has a few different ways of being done.  Tonight I chose to use the Jerk Seasoning cause it was the only variating I had all the ingredients for.  They turned out really great.  I could have just ate half a dozen, but thankfully I reminded myself that I had crossift and would be able to have some after the workout!  What a great reward!

For Crossfit tonight we did the same WOD as everyone else for the first time.  The mobility was much more brutal than the actual workout, but I survived both and had Salmon Cake!  That’s all that matters.



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