My Very first PR!

I am a very passionate person.  When I like something, I talk about it, over and over and over again, to anyone that is willing to listen.  I get frustrated when I talk to someone and they don’t give me their undivided attention.  I’m a very good listener but I am very seldom given the same treatment.  That’s why blogging about my Whole30 was a perfect outlet for me.  I knew people wouldn’t want to physically talk about what I was eating everyday or how great I felt.  I definitely feel disappointed when my stats are low, but in the end really this is a great way to keep track of progress.

…and this post is about CROSSFIT! (well the second part anyways)

It was our last Crossfit prep class tonight.  Naturally we reviewed every lifts we have learned and a couple new ones.  Our WOD was the same as the first day – Burpee Sandwich as our trainer named it

10 burpees

5 Rounds:
5x pushups 5x situps 5x squats

10 Burpees

My first go at this in February was 8:50, today I did the same workout in 5:38!  It’s so great to see such an improvement!  I can’t state how happy  I am with this prep class!  Although I know my first ‘real’ class will still feel intimidating, the prep class has really helped make me feel more at ease.  I know where things are and how they work at least!

I’m still eating clean and I haven’t done any re-introduction as of yet I’m waiting until after Easter.  

My mom was telling me  about an appointment she had with her doctor recently.  She casually mentioned about the Whole30 and how I had lost 7lbs in 30 days.  The doctor hadn’t heard of Whole30, but told my mom I would most likely gain the weight back when I start eating normally again.  I’m sure that’s not exactly how the conversation went but that’s how I felt it went.  I started to defend the Whole30, but I know my mom didn’t need convincing.  I also know that my mom’s pitch wasn’t the same as mine would have been.  I can’t help but think that eating foods that are whole and clean can’t really do my body any harm.  I’m not over eating proteins, I am eating a less carbs but I do try to make it up elsewhere.  I did start to research a little about the pros and cons of Paleo and worrying about it a little, but then I got over it.  The medical society has different stand points for everything and coconut oil is just another one of them!  I feel great and I think that’s what matters!

I like Melissa Joulwan’s theory of eating squeaky clean at home so when she goes out, she doesn’t have to feel guilty about eating pasta or peas!  Once my Whole30 is REALLY up, I think that’s the motto I want to live by!





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