I fell WAY off the Wagon!

It is Z’s first Birthday today, so naturally we threw her a party this weekend.  My parents and brothers came down for the festivities, and some bad food choices were made. Saturday, I had a buffalo burger.  Although it tasted great, I could feel my meal sitting in my stomach.  It was quite heavy and I made several comments on how I didn’t feel too good.

On Sunday my dad and brothers got a couple of pizzas for lunch, but before it got here, I had left over Salmon cakes from a few days before.  I left the room as the pizza was being served and didn’t even think about it twice when I saw the left overs in the fridge.

I made a TON of spaghetti sauce to serve our party guests, I had zucchini noodles with mine.

Z’s birthday cake was a Paleo brownie, with a Raspberry Cream Sauce I got from It Starts with Food (the sauce was originally intended for Almond Poached Pears).  Naturally I had a piece (or two of that) after supper.  It’s true that moderation doesn’t work for me, cause then I had a sliver of Chocolate cake I bought for everyone to have.  I did however resist the urge to wash the cake down with milk.

Finally on Monday, when my mother, Z, and I got back from doing a bit of shopping, we arrived to a powerless house with no real edible cold foods.  We headed to the supermarket where I had a deli wrap and some sushi.  Not really the best choice, obviously.

Upon reflection, the food choices I made were totally conscious, I didn’t do the whole reintroduction of foods, but I think I’ll be doing another 30 days after easter and do the proper plan.

I woke up with a headache this morning and feeling greatly annoyed with everything.  I thought about cancelling my Crossfit class for tonight (especially after reading that we were going to be doing 50 front squats and 1000 lunges for time.  It’s April 1st… duh!) but my husband convinced me that I should go anyways and I did, and I’m glad!

Here’s to getting back on the Wagon!


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