Where does that food come from?

I know there is no need for excuses as I’m my own competition, and this is my own journey, but let me explain anyways.

The month started off great, Monday and Wednesday I hit the gym.  I was supposed to bike over to my husband’s work on Thursday, grab the car and do an after work workout.  Unfortunately my town was under lock down and making headlines around the world, so that didn’t happen.  Friday was a write off as I did a 12 hour shifts and there are no classes before or after work.  So I settled for a Two Day/Week workouts.

Finally it was my  weekend of indulgence, we went to a kiddie birthday party, and I’m not one to be a snob around good food, so I went off Paleo for the afternoon.  I don’t even regret it. 

My parents came to see me for my birthday on Sunday, meaning they drove 4 hours to Moncton to have lunch with me, then drove 4 hours back in the afternoon.  Crazy right?  So I wasn’t going to snub them and not eat out, I mean it’s my birthday after all!!  We ate lunch supper late, so I didn’t bother with supper that night.  I’m not sure how that works with points on my challenge, but to be honest I haven’t even looked at that in a week because:

Monday I was violently sick.  Or so I thought.  I skipped work, spent the day watching Dawson’s Creek and napping.  I had chicken noodle soup for lunch and for a brief moment I felt some relief from the congestion that was my head.  I even managed to see the doctor who prescribed me some antibiotics for the ear infection. 

The rest of the week was a struggle between not peeing myself when I coughed and not wheezing when I walked 5 steps, so Crossfit was definitely out.  Friday was going to be my make up birthday, going to Crossfit, lunch with friends, hot stone massage in the afternoon and kid at the babysitter.  It was going to be magical.  But little Z (who’s also on antibiotics) woke up full of puke.  There was no way she could go to the babysitter, so I had to keep her home and cancel all plans.  She wasn’t well at all!  Luckily it only lasted the day and she was fine afterwards.

Then the worst of the worst.  I was on the mend doing better and my husband and I decided to get pizza for lunch on Saturday.  Well didn’t we just get food poisoning.  Both of us with a garbage bin, gravol and gatorade for the weekend.  I was lucky enough to be on antibiotics and didn’t get it as bad as him, but it was still horrible!  Yesterday I spent the day throwing food out of the fridge and did the groceries.  I’m not taking ANY chances for a while!

Finally things are normalizing here and I went to Crossfit this morning although a little dehydrated and did okay. My score for the lifestyle challenge will not be great and I know it.  But things did get out of hand!!  I don’t feel as bad as I probably should, but then again, I will probably go on eating like this for a while.  I most certainly don’t want to eat out again anytime soon!

Turning over a new leaf – Starting again.

According to my Wii, I’ve lost another 2.5 Kgs!! Yes I know I was sick so it doesn’t really count!  I’m absolutely overwhelmed at how well I’m doing in general!


Start of Week Check In

I love talking about food.  I love to impress people with food.  “Yeah, I make my own Mayo!”  “I made this from Scratch” “I made this awesome juicy as hell burger the other day ON THE BBQ!!!”

Those are all things I’m overheard saying at any given time in a day.  I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t think about food passionately.  I’m glad to report that my daughter is on the same track as I am.  When I find something she loves I feel like the best parent in the world!  “My Daughter just inhaled those okras”  “Yeah, Z LOOOOVES Salmon”.  She can be pretty picky though.  Recently she’s thrown any spicy food on the floor for the dogs to eat (not sure that’s a great things as my dogs have the runs as soon as they eat something very different).  As my husband says my dogs have the most culturally diverse diet of any dogs in Moncton I’m sure!

The weather has finally started to improve so I’m finding myself craving anything on the grill.  My skills with the Barbecue are very limited and my husband does zero cooking so its all on me!  Generally we’d have sausages on the BBQ, but finding whole ingredient sausages is proving to be quite difficult so we haven’t had them in a while.  Personally I’d eat Burgers every day but I’m not sure that Big O Bacon Burgers from Nom Nom Paleo cookbook would do my body so much good EVERY DAY.  As I’ve mentioned before I’m not a huge fish fan but I decided to take the ‘plunge’ and try out  Salmon à l’Afrique du Nord from Well Fed and I fell in love!  There is no fishy taste to this salmon but a close similarity to chicken!  I’ve made it twice – once with fresh salmon, once with frozen salmon and both times the fish was delicious!  I accidentally added 1/2 tsp of cayenne pepper instead of 1/4 tsp last night so it’s a little spicy, but generally its mild and reheat worthy.  I’m always hesitant to make salmon, so I usually wait until the end of the week to make it, and by that time, my husband has drunk all of the Orange Juice I need for the marinade, luckily there’s a convenience store in our backyard, literally.

I cooked up some baby carrots and fried some okras in bacon to accompany it, and I thought Z was going to blow up she was stuffing the food in her mouth like we were preparing for a fast!

Salmon à l'Afrique du Nord


I’m starting off the month with a 3x/week membership at crossfit and I’ve booked myself for the next two weeks.  Looking forward to seeing some changes in my body soon!