Whole30 Part 2


With the new release of It Starts With Food I decided to start another Whole30 a month early. I was going to start in September because it has 30 days, but after my performance at the gym yesterday, I decided something needed to change right NOW! Then I find out that it’s Heros Month and that helped to make the decision easier.

I became a summer indulgence Monster! Iced Capps and take out nearly ruined me all month! You would think that after my food poisoning episode I’d be all about home prepared foods, but how quickly I forget!

I had my last Iced Capp before my night shift last night, and if you think that the amount of calories would have kept me at bay, you clearly don’t know me well! But this could work as a motivation!

burpee menu

I also had a bit of a binge on sushi, chips and cookies during the night shift.  I didn’t feel terribly hot when I got off, but I slept it off and when I got out of bed at 14h45, I started!  Here I go!  I’m very excited to see what the month holds in stores for me.  I’ve had a HUGE sugar addiction all month, poor gym results and feeling bloated a lot.  I’m looking forward to the surge of energy and the PRs!  Here is to health and dedication!  Happy August!


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