Day 7.2 – Dog Rant

Breakfast – pork sausage patty boiled egg and Hot Sauce

Post Workout Meal – Salmon Cakes

Lunch – Tuna Waldorf Salad minus the Walnuts

Supper – Beef Steak Hot Plate with Okras and Carrots

2014-08-07 18.10.45

I planned on making Scotch eggs yesterday but when I got the ground pork out of the fridge they were still slightly frozen.  To help speed things along I ‘defrosted’ them in the microwave and perhaps went overboard, most of it was cooked.  I wasn’t able to form them into balls and much less around eggs so I opted for patties.  My eggs were already cooked so all i had to do was peel them and store them in a container.  Then in my haste to pick up my husband from work and put Z to bed, I left the patties to cool a little too close to the edge of the counter and Pa-Ngo -the glutton- ate all but two.  Bummer. 

My dogs have been weird about food lately though; they don’t hesitate to come back in the house in hopes that Z threw food on the ground, they stick close to Z when’s she’s having a snack and I’ve caught them going through the wet garbage a handful of times.  This worries me a little. 

See, they’re the kinds of dogs you can leave dog food bowls out and they’ll pick at it over the span of 2-3 days, but now that they’re getting table food thanks to Z’s refusal to eat anything but fruit, they’re getting reckless and beggy.  Don’t get me wrong they’d always ask for food, but now they’re not above licking Z’s hands and face to get a tiny shrapnel of table food.  Every now and then I have to shoo them away as they’d lay their heads on her tray and lick it while she’s eating – eww! 

Enough is enough though they go out of the kitchen when we’re having meals, they’ve already gained 5-6lbs since Z started eating!  I also make sure to pick up Z’s mess before letting them in so they’re getting by on little table food nowadays!

Best Fed Dogs in all of Moncton I’d say!

Is- Is that a piece of Carrot?  I'd eat that!

Is- Is that a piece of Carrot? I’d eat that!




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