Day 15 – Midway!

Breakfast: Scotch Eggs

Post Workout Snack: Salmon Cakes

Lunch: Sushi!

Supper: Left Over Kalua Pork + Mashed Cauliflower/Potatoes

Earlier this week I made lunch plans with a friend, trying to figure out what we would have for lunch she suggested getting some Thai take-out or Sushi.  When I told her that I was re-doing the Whole30 we had a bit of a blank for takeout ideas, so I suggested we made our own sushi!  It was delicious! 

We hydrated the Nori sheets with mashed up avocado and added smoked salmon, shrimp, cucumber and mangoes to them.  We made 10 rolls and served them with roasted sesame seeds and coconut aminos, yum!  There were no fancy tools involved in making these, we just hand rolled them and cut them up (albeit with rather dull knives).

2014-08-15 12.22.50

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