The. End.

Well The 30 days have come to an end although I dropped off the face of the blogsphere, I have been adherent to the Whole 30 the whole time!  The last two weeks have been a blur of work, family, sick babies and financial stress but everyone keeps commenting on how great I look, so I’m living off of that.  I’m undecided if I will continue the Whole30 for another month, or follow a 90% Paleo approach just yet.  I can tell you that I’ve really missed my Thai food this summer, but I have a sneaking suspicion it’s not Whole30 Approved anyways!


My husband and I plan on trying a No Spend September.  My husband has already vowed to give up his daily dose of Tim Horton’s and coffee altogether for the month while I vow to forgo any unnecessary spending. I’ll post the official results of my Whole30 on Monday once I’ve finished all my work, catch up on sleep and maybe lose a bit of the swelling in my hands and feet due to small amounts of sleep and large amount of running up and down the halls at work.  That’s all for now as I go from a 12 hour shift to 5 hours of sleep and another 8 hour shift!  Bleurk!

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