Day 8&9.2 MEAT BOX!


Breakfast: Exploded boiled egg (microwaved too long) and sausage patty

Snack: Cherries

Lunch: Left over porkchops and cauliflower rice

Supper: grape tomatoes, cucumber slices and cherries

Post Work snack: 2 boiled eggs and Mayo

Yesterday was crazy in so many ways, but it wasn’t enough to get me into some bad food habits!  Firstly when I got to work I was only prepared to do an 8 hour day, but after a few minutes of change of shift chaos reality came crashing down and I realized I was scheduled for a 12 hours shift!  Oh the calamity!  I only had enough food for lunch, and I hadn’t prepared anything at home for supper for my family!  Plus the assignment board looked like it was going to be a balls to the wall kind of day (and it was)!


Breakfast: boiled egg and mayo with Kale

Lunch: Tuna Waldorf Salad sans walnuts

Snack: Cashew Larabar

Supper: Chicken Brocoli Cauliflower Hot Plate

Snack: Peppermint Tea

2014-08-09 18.45.05

Today I finally got a meat box from the butcher shop.  There was so much meat in there!  I couldn’t believe it!  When I got home I wrote down everything that we got and started making a meal plan for the… month?  I have over 20 Whole30 Meals written down, assuming we’ll be having some leftovers we should be good for the month in the meat department!

I used Practical Paleo, Nom Nom PaleoWell Fed 12 and got some recipes on Pinterest (You can check out my Clean Eating Board Here


The crossed out recipes will the ones I’m making this week.  I have them up on a board in my kitchen (I’ve posted it in an earlier post).  The rest of the groceries were a breeze, a tour of the produce, some bread for my lovelies, and a quick trip down the aisles out in 20 minutes!

This is going to be a great Whole30, I can tell!




Day 7.2 – Dog Rant

Breakfast – pork sausage patty boiled egg and Hot Sauce

Post Workout Meal – Salmon Cakes

Lunch – Tuna Waldorf Salad minus the Walnuts

Supper – Beef Steak Hot Plate with Okras and Carrots

2014-08-07 18.10.45

I planned on making Scotch eggs yesterday but when I got the ground pork out of the fridge they were still slightly frozen.  To help speed things along I ‘defrosted’ them in the microwave and perhaps went overboard, most of it was cooked.  I wasn’t able to form them into balls and much less around eggs so I opted for patties.  My eggs were already cooked so all i had to do was peel them and store them in a container.  Then in my haste to pick up my husband from work and put Z to bed, I left the patties to cool a little too close to the edge of the counter and Pa-Ngo -the glutton- ate all but two.  Bummer. 

My dogs have been weird about food lately though; they don’t hesitate to come back in the house in hopes that Z threw food on the ground, they stick close to Z when’s she’s having a snack and I’ve caught them going through the wet garbage a handful of times.  This worries me a little. 

See, they’re the kinds of dogs you can leave dog food bowls out and they’ll pick at it over the span of 2-3 days, but now that they’re getting table food thanks to Z’s refusal to eat anything but fruit, they’re getting reckless and beggy.  Don’t get me wrong they’d always ask for food, but now they’re not above licking Z’s hands and face to get a tiny shrapnel of table food.  Every now and then I have to shoo them away as they’d lay their heads on her tray and lick it while she’s eating – eww! 

Enough is enough though they go out of the kitchen when we’re having meals, they’ve already gained 5-6lbs since Z started eating!  I also make sure to pick up Z’s mess before letting them in so they’re getting by on little table food nowadays!

Best Fed Dogs in all of Moncton I’d say!

Is- Is that a piece of Carrot?  I'd eat that!

Is- Is that a piece of Carrot? I’d eat that!



Day 6.2


Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs and Kale with Macadamia and Raisins

Post Workout Meal: 2 Salmon Cakes

Lunch: Left over chicken with Carrots and Green Beans

Supper: Ground Pork ‘Hot Plate’

August 6

I wore a sleeveless shirt to the gym today.  To celebrate Girls month Crossfit Moncton had some sweet ‘Lift Like a Girl’ Pink tank tops ordered.  I couldn’t wait to get it, but it wasn’t until the month was over that they arrived.  Regardless- I. Wore. It. In. Public.  Well to the gym which I suppose is still in public.  One of my biggest insecurities is of my arms, so to wear it on a day where we were doing Overhead Squats is really a huge step for me.  I’m sure no one cares or gave it a second thought, but let me tell you I was extremely self concious for the entire hour I was there.  But I lived and my day was fine and no one made fun of me (publicly), so there! Take that insecurities!

So the gym- I got a PR, I did the hardest workout I’ve ever done, it was good.

Supper is a ‘Hot Plate’ combination inspired from Well Fed.  I love the idea behind Hot Plates which is basically just a protein with veggies and add some spices.  The book has 10 Ethnic varieties with a few different combinations each.  I based mine on a Chinese hot plate by using ‘Best Stir Fry Sauce Ever’ recipe with ground pork, broccoli and a sweet Orange Pepper.  It was a little too spicy for my dear husband but I thought it was perfect!  These are a really great way to use up your left over vegetable and frozen meat!  I will definitely be using these more in the future!

Also on an exciting note, I discovered The Clothes Make The Girl has a Facebook page and I went on gushing about how much I love her cookbooks and read on:

fbI love Melissa Joulwan!  Can’t wait for 2016!!

Day 5.2

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and Kale with Macadamia and Raisins

Lunch: Left Over Salmon

Supper: Dijon Chicken green beans and carrots

2014-08-05 06.50.02 2014-08-05 17.56.47

I finally got back to the gym this morning and on a strength day too!  I can already feel the pull in my leg muscles!

Because of the holiday and work this week I’ll be going for 3 consecutive days, which terrifies me a little, but I’m sure it’ll work out just fine.

I haven’t done proper groceries this week so tonight’s supper was kind of a make as you go.  We had chicken breast coated in Dijon mustard and baked in the oven at 450 for 20 minutes.  It wasn’t anything particularly spectacular but it was food on the table!  I didn’t spend much time snacking today, I had a cherry here and a cucumber there but otherwise I didn’t feel hungry and I was busy enough with Z and finances that I didn’t really think about food all that much. 

I’ve always wanted to try the whole Freezer Meals to save some time and money.  I’m not sure it really saves money but I once made 3 meals for the week in one day and found myself amazed at how much more time I had to do other thing while our dinner warmed up in the microwave (oh please I would be lost without a microwave!)  But what I really want to try though is the 30 days of freezer meals.  How awesome would it be to have a whole month of little cooking and dishes?  I’ve never really liked the meal plans that I found cause most of them required beans.  I’m not a picky eater but beans are not something I enjoy eating.  Now that I’m doing Whole30 I have another excuse not to eat them!

I did find this website called Once a Month Meals and they have a special menu for Paleo Nuts like me!  I’m pretty thrilled but… you have to pay to access the menus.  womp. womp.  I’ll have to do some research and I’m sure there are things that wouldn’t be 100% Whole30 approved but I’ve been known to leave things out when I feel it’s unnecessary.  I would love to hear from you if you’ve tried out the site and what you thought of the recipes!  Please convince me and my husband that its worth it! 🙂

Day 4.2

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 (questionable) slices of bacon, Kale with Macadamia nuts and raisins
Snack: Porkitos and Cherries

Lunch: Left Over Fiesta Pork Chops and Sweet Potato Coins

Dinner: Saumon à l’Afrique du Nord, Brussels Sprouts and mashed Cauliflower

Bedtime Snack: Peppermint tea

2014-08-04 18.01.08

Probably not the best food arrangement on a plate… but delicious!

Did you know that 100g of raisins has 79g of Carbohydrates?  25% of your Daily Intake?  Its pretty scary how much sugars are found in dried fruits which is one of the reason they’re not super recommended on the Whole30.  During my Crossfit’s Lifestyle Challenge we were told to avoid them completely. 

Although you could probably sit and eat a ton of grapes you probably wouldn’t be able to eat 5-6 apricots and feel good about it.  So why is it okay to eat 5-6 (or more) dried apricots?  Same idea applies with ‘healthy’ shakes.  Sure you’re getting all your fruit and veggies but could you really eat 1 cup of greens, 1 cup of milk, 5 strawberries 1 bananas and an egg in a short period of time it would take you to drink your smoothie?  The calories and glycemic index go up very quickly when you add a variety of things to you morning smoothie!  Don’t get me wrong they’re delicious, but if you’re wondering where all the calories are coming from – look no further!  My mom and a friend of mine are always reminding me not to drink all my calories when I talk about Iced Capps and McDonald’s Vanilla Chai Frappe, I have a particularly sweet spot for frozen drinks!

As I was waiting to pay for my groceries the other day, the lady behind me asked what I did with Sweet Potatoes as all she knew what to do was to use them in stews.  She caught me off guard and my response was somewhat unenthusiastic which is very much unlike me.  I had to think about what I used and nothing came to mind other than the roasted coins I make.  I told her to toss it in Olive Oil sprinkle with salt and pepper and bake it.  I mentioned how lovely they were roasted but not even once did I think of saying “Try adding cumin and cinnamon to them!  Maybe even some Chilli powder or cayenne if you like it spicy!” What about the whole concept of Fish cakes?  Where was my brain for that one?  The whole way home I couldn’t stop thinking about all the things I could have told her about sweet potatoes and feeling guilty that she may never venture from her stews.  I wish I had asked for her e-mail that way I could have bombarded her with tried and tested Sweet Potato recipes!  I’ve been thinking about her for the last 3 days now and I’m so disappointed!

Day 3.2

Breakfast: 2 fried eggs, 2 slices of bacon and a cup of Kale

Snack: Cherries

Lunch: Roasted Chicken & Gravy and Cinnamon Chili Sweet Potatoes (If you haven’t tried these yet, I don’t know what you’re waiting for!)

Dinner: Meatza

Bed Time Snack: Peppermint Tea and cucumbers

Sunny Side Up!

Sunny Side Up!



Someone questioned my Paleoness today and sent me into a bit of panic.  But I reread select areas of It Starts With Food to reassure myself.  Although there is a plethora of Carbohydrates that can be found in fruit and vegetable, Paleo is viewed as a no/low carb ‘diet’.  It’s true that it scared me when I read post-Workout meals and saw sandwiches, wraps, granola, and quinoa!  “I can’t have ANY of those!” I panicked, but according to ISWF “Restoring [my] health is more important than fueling [my] athletic performance” at this time.  Meaning it’s more important for me to have protein after a workout than carbohydrates.  I do however bring my salmon cakes to the gym with me and eat them post workout.  Along the way I also found this great PDF Guide to dense Carbohydrate sources courtesy of Practical Paleo (which I now own and need to finish reading).

Overall better day already!  Looking forward to hitting the gym soon though!


I unfortunately couldn’t get the day off to go roadtrippin’ but fear not, the mushroom chips did not go to waste, I ate them all! I could hardly contain myself!  I feel I’ll need to buy multiple packages of King Oyster Mushroom to fuel this addiction!  Maybe its best to stay away for a while! 


Day 2.2

Breakfast: 2 Fried Eggs and 2 slices bacon

Snack: Cherries + Coconut Cream Larabar

Lunch: Roast Beef and french style green beans

Supper: Fiesta Pork Chops (Well Fed 2) and sweet potato coins

Bedtime Snack: Peppermint Tea

Crispy Mushroom Chips and Porkitos

Crispy Mushroom Chips and Porkitos

I walked into the staff room today and mindlessly grabbed the Chips Ahoy! package sitting on the table.  It wasn’t until I had struggled with getting the tray out of the bag and almost touch the cookie that I snapped out of my mindless eating and scolded myself.  But really what the devil? It was like 9 in the morning!  I felt a lot of hunger today, but I think a lot of it had to do with boredom, it wasn’t a particularly busy day!

My coworker has been talking about prosciutto for the last 2 weeks and I kept telling her to try Porkitos.  I started craving it so in anticipation of tomorrow’s potential road trip I made some Porkitos and Crispy Mushroom chips from Nom Nom Paleo you can find the recipe here!  Unfortunately I burnt the last batch of Porkitos and over salted the Mushroom chips, but I’ll eat it anyways!  I walked into the living room eating a Mushroom chip and gave it to my husband (who dislikes Mushrooms with a passion) he ate it unquestioningly and enjoyed it until I told him it was mushroom.  Little by little I may be convincing him to try a Whole30!

A few weeks ago I ruined half a dozen batches of Mayo in three consecutive days as hard as I tried to fix them, nothing helped so I decided I would NEVER make it again, my hubby said he was not sad to see the homemade mayo go as it caused me so much grief.  Mayo is so fickle!  I missed my morning Mayo and Scotch Egg so I caved and bought a jar of Hellman’s.  Bleurk!  It was really awful!  I tried a different recipe and instead of using the blender, I used my Kitchen Aid mixer.  Eureka!!! That seemed to help and took a lot less time than usual!  I was thrilled!  Now that potatoes are ‘legal’ on the Whole30, I’ll be having some potato salad to commemorate the summer!