Wow! It’s been a week and a half since I started the Lifestyle Challenge and I rarely find myself thinking about it. It’s so much easier the second time around!

I haven’t tried a whole lot of new recipes lately, I’ve been sticking to the favourites and occasionally venturing into new ones.   One that I have to mention though is Scotch Eggs. My husband bought me a copy of Well Fed (the original) after I finished the Whole30 Challenge as a congratulatory present.   The recipe for Scotch Eggs seemed very enticing and promised lots of variety as you can make them regular, Tex Mex, Chinese, Moroccan etc. I was hooked from the first Warm Egg that came out of the oven and I’ve had one every morning since! My husband said that if he liked eggs he would be super impressed by how awesome it looks!


I’ve also recently discovered Sauerkraut. Although delicious on a burger, it’s extremely good as a side to my Scotch Egg too. In fact it’s good with any kind of meat, I had it with Meat Loaf for Lunch today!

I’m trying to get on track with Crossfit too. I’ve been going about once a week which is unacceptable! I’ve discovered 8:30am classes and I’ve been brining little Z who up until today, had been spectacularly good. I don’t know if she didn’t get enough ‘Z’ time this morning or she was just feeling like crud, but she cried for a good 20 minutes of the class. I know they say that parents are the only one that hear their children but I’m sure everyone else did as much as I did. I was a little scared of what they were thinking of me/Z  I guess, but I did everything I could I even gave her my battery less cell phone to play with. Something I swore I would never do – and then I gave her my keys. Yes, my keys, how effing disgusting is that? The keys did the trick though and she was happy as a clam for the actual WOD.

I’m gonna go on a parenting tangent here so feel free to skip to the next paragraph:
Having a kid has changed me in so many ways I never thought possible. I used to live a life of luxury and I didn’t even know it. How did I not ‘Have Time’ to go to the gym before Z? She has changed my whole view on life. I used to be a perfect parent before I had kids. My kids were going to be superior, but now I live by the “Whatever it takes to make us all Happy” Motto. Which includes giving keys and phones to play with. Urgh! It’s also thanks to Z that I’m making the big changes in my life. Over the last 3 months, I’ve changed my philosophy on food and cooking, joined crossfit (I can’t do that, I can’t even do a pushup) and lost 20 lbs. I’ve embraced Naps with open arms and met some really and I mean REALLY nice people. This morning, a couple grabbed Z’s playpen and toys and brought them out to my car saying they remember being in that stage and every little bit helps! Then the coach told me not to worry about ‘the kid’ crying, it happens he says. I really felt they meant it! Alright end of tangent!

So, the Challenge is going so-so, I haven’t been doing as great as I’d like to be doing on the challenge, I’ve had many 4-5 point days which means I’m either not doing the exercise or not having a perfect Paleo day. Yesterday for example I had a few nibbles of Z’s grilled Cheese (to make sure it wasn’t too hot). Last Saturday I had a sausage at the market for breakfast etc.   Little things like that make it harder to attain the goal.

I’m trying hard though!  For the last two weeks I’ve been having Cookup WODs where I make as many meals as possible (so far my PR is 3) and that has made things so much easier.  Especially if I have to work late supper is ready for my husband, and kidlet, I have leftovers at work it’s been going really great until… my Microwave blew up!  Scariest things I’ve ever witnessed in the kitchen by far!  So we’ve had to skip the leftovers or heat them up an hour a head in the oven. 😦

I’ve changed my Crossfit membership to 3x/week and plan on going at 8:30 in the morning M-W-F, and at 6:45pm if I’m working days. Ideally I’d be going straight after work, but we’re down to 1 car now that hubby’s changed jobs, so I have to try to work around that.

I’m getting closer and closer to 8 hour/night sleep as Z’s slept through the last 2 nights. Water intake has been no issue, especially when I’m working.

Life is great!


Ta for now!



Day 16

I decided to pick up a shift at work today.  I wasn’t sure that I was ready or not, but I went in head first!

My first patient had a baby so small I had to ask how much he weighed – I was astounded when they said their baby weighed 5 ounces less than Z did when she was born.  I’ve been handling newborns for almost 4 years and all of a sudden they seemed incredibly small and fragile!  I think I did fairly well for my first day!

My husband spent his first full day alone with Z, and he did great! They went to the Dog park with our mutts, drove around the city, played ball, and he even changed a diaper with snaps! My husband is always reaching for the velcro diapers that I try to use solely for nights as they have a double gusset so baby doesn’t wake up drenched in the morning.

Meal 1

you guessed it! Boiled eggs and Kale – but this morning I added Pecans and raisins to the mix, it was delicious!

During my first morning break I simply drank peppermint tea.  I didn’t feel hungry, but I had packed a banana just in case

Meal 2

I could have taken a photo of last night’s supper, but A. I was at work, and B my lunch had taken quite a ride on the way to work, so the sauce and zucchini noodles were all mixed and didn’t look particularly appetizing.

Meal 3

2014-03-09 18.22.46

I had put on an Sunrise Pork Roast in the slow cooker last night.  The pork needed to cook on low for about 16 hours – and there was no way I was getting up at 2 to do that!  I put it on at 10pm last night, checked on it this morning at 6, and got my husband to turn it off at 2:30.  When I got home I simply collected the juices, and turned the slow cooker to warm.

The recipe is called Italian Pork Roast from Well Fed 2 (of course), but I used one of the alternatives the book suggested.  My Roast didn’t make as much juice as I had hoped, but that was okay, I was the only one using it as a dipping sauce.  It was a little too salty around the edges, but the middle was so tender and delicious!  This is probably the best recipe I’ve ever made in a slow cooker.  I’m not sure if my slow cooker is a little too hot, but I usually have really dry meat from it.

To accompany the roast I made Crisp Collards with pecans and raisins.  This was the first time I was having Collards.  I found them to be a bit bitter, but as I look the recipe over, I may have taken it out of the pot before they were fully cooked.  I’d still have them, but I think I prefer Kale.

Blame it on time change, early morning rising, or working, but I’m exhausted.  I have the whole house to myself for the first time in over a year (hubby took dogs and baby for a walk) and all I want to do is go to bed!

There is another day in the bag!  16 down!