Day 14

Breakfast: Scotch Egg

Snack: Apple with Almond&Hazelnut Butter

Lunch: Left over shepherd’s pie

Supper: Lemon & Artichoke Chicken (Practical Paleo) with Brussels Sprouts

2014-08-14 18.15.44

This was delicious, but the smell was AMAZING!

Today was a super hard day.  It was slow at work and my lack of sleep is catching up with me!  I sat around doing a lot of waiting, so every few minutes I had my mouth wide open in a yawn!  It was just brutal!

I had to get some coconut amino for Sushi that I’ll be making tomorrow and my go to store the Corn Crib, was out! I almost had a freakout!  Luckily we have more than one Natural Food Store in Moncton and I was able to get it from Sequoia.   I called Sequoia in advanced to make sure I wasn’t cruising all over town for nothing, and sure enough there was ‘A’ bottle left.  The lady was kind enough to put it aside for me, and when I got there I didn’t have to look around for it. 

Now I’m not sure if I don’t speak clearly enough, or maybe I pronounce my name awkwardly but everyone always messes it up.  For a while at work one of the girls called me Louis or Lois.  I often get Lise but the girl at Sequoia wrote Malise on the bag.  Maybe I need to record myself saying my name and work on my pronunciation.  It’s bad enough I have to spell my last name or be told how my maiden name is actually pronounced, now I have to work on my first name?  Maybe I’ll just go by my middle name from now on!


Day 8&9.2 MEAT BOX!


Breakfast: Exploded boiled egg (microwaved too long) and sausage patty

Snack: Cherries

Lunch: Left over porkchops and cauliflower rice

Supper: grape tomatoes, cucumber slices and cherries

Post Work snack: 2 boiled eggs and Mayo

Yesterday was crazy in so many ways, but it wasn’t enough to get me into some bad food habits!  Firstly when I got to work I was only prepared to do an 8 hour day, but after a few minutes of change of shift chaos reality came crashing down and I realized I was scheduled for a 12 hours shift!  Oh the calamity!  I only had enough food for lunch, and I hadn’t prepared anything at home for supper for my family!  Plus the assignment board looked like it was going to be a balls to the wall kind of day (and it was)!


Breakfast: boiled egg and mayo with Kale

Lunch: Tuna Waldorf Salad sans walnuts

Snack: Cashew Larabar

Supper: Chicken Brocoli Cauliflower Hot Plate

Snack: Peppermint Tea

2014-08-09 18.45.05

Today I finally got a meat box from the butcher shop.  There was so much meat in there!  I couldn’t believe it!  When I got home I wrote down everything that we got and started making a meal plan for the… month?  I have over 20 Whole30 Meals written down, assuming we’ll be having some leftovers we should be good for the month in the meat department!

I used Practical Paleo, Nom Nom PaleoWell Fed 12 and got some recipes on Pinterest (You can check out my Clean Eating Board Here


The crossed out recipes will the ones I’m making this week.  I have them up on a board in my kitchen (I’ve posted it in an earlier post).  The rest of the groceries were a breeze, a tour of the produce, some bread for my lovelies, and a quick trip down the aisles out in 20 minutes!

This is going to be a great Whole30, I can tell!



Day 3.2

Breakfast: 2 fried eggs, 2 slices of bacon and a cup of Kale

Snack: Cherries

Lunch: Roasted Chicken & Gravy and Cinnamon Chili Sweet Potatoes (If you haven’t tried these yet, I don’t know what you’re waiting for!)

Dinner: Meatza

Bed Time Snack: Peppermint Tea and cucumbers

Sunny Side Up!

Sunny Side Up!



Someone questioned my Paleoness today and sent me into a bit of panic.  But I reread select areas of It Starts With Food to reassure myself.  Although there is a plethora of Carbohydrates that can be found in fruit and vegetable, Paleo is viewed as a no/low carb ‘diet’.  It’s true that it scared me when I read post-Workout meals and saw sandwiches, wraps, granola, and quinoa!  “I can’t have ANY of those!” I panicked, but according to ISWF “Restoring [my] health is more important than fueling [my] athletic performance” at this time.  Meaning it’s more important for me to have protein after a workout than carbohydrates.  I do however bring my salmon cakes to the gym with me and eat them post workout.  Along the way I also found this great PDF Guide to dense Carbohydrate sources courtesy of Practical Paleo (which I now own and need to finish reading).

Overall better day already!  Looking forward to hitting the gym soon though!


I unfortunately couldn’t get the day off to go roadtrippin’ but fear not, the mushroom chips did not go to waste, I ate them all! I could hardly contain myself!  I feel I’ll need to buy multiple packages of King Oyster Mushroom to fuel this addiction!  Maybe its best to stay away for a while! 


Diving Straight Back IN!

It’s been a bit of a rough last few weeks with more unhealthy foods than I care to admit.  The repercussions aren’t great either, acne, headaches, bloating, blahness… urgh!  Although I’ve only cooked clean foods, we’ve gone out to eat a few times, hubby received a HUGE box of New Zealand sweets, I’ve had milk and dairy products, and running short on time with work.  All in all its been a disaster!  I don’t know why I’ve veered off course so much, but I’m looking forward to the Lifestyle (Paleo) Challenge my Crossfit Box is holding.

The Challenge is accompanied by  ‘Practical Paleo’ by Diane Sanfilippo.  Our goals are based on points set up as such:

4 Points = Perfect Day, no cheats…not even a morsel…
3 Points = A tiny little slip up…it’s that little sip or little bite
2 Points = A portion of a meal was not Paleo…having a roll or beer with dinner
1 Point = A whole meal was not Paleo…beer with dinner & pizza
0 Points = More than a whole meal was not Paleo


Bonus Points
+1 = 8+ hours of sleep (lights out sleep, not in bed for 8 hours)
+1 = WOD at CFM or 10+ minutes of Mobility work
+1 = 2+ liters of water consumed per day

Total of 7 points/day.

I know I for sure won’t be getting the 8 hours of sleep bonus point every day, because my little one doesn’t always sleep all night, but I’m okay with that.  My birthday is smack in the middle of the challenge so I’m awarding myself a day where I get zero points for food.  Otherwise I plan on eating squeaky clean, drinking 2+ litres of water and working out every day.  For a total of 206 points.  That is my goal!

I’ve signed up for a body composition test for next weekend, which I think will have interesting results and motivate me even more in 6 months when I get the new results.  A scale give you a number but a body comp will give you plenty of other numbers!

I also have to set a benchmark for 2 workouts which I will be completing this afternoon.  Words like Burpees, Wall Balls and Rowing were thrown around, so I’m not particularly looking forward to doing it… TWICE!  But I’ll suck it up and do it anyways!

Here’s to a clean beginning… again!