Day 16

Breakfast: Scotch Egg and Kale

Lunch: Leftover Lemon Artichoke Chicken

Supper: Bacon and Apple Smothered Pork Chops 

A few people have asked about the Scotch Eggs the recipe is here

2014-08-16 07.30.30

The Egg Yolk slightly fell out

Scotch Eggs are delicious, if you have never tried one please do!  Generally a Scotch egg is a hard-boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat, coated in bread crumbs and baked or sometimes deep-fried.  There are claims of the Scotch Egg being invented in the mid 1700’s and appeared in printed recipes around the early 1800’s.  The name is believed to come from ‘scotched’ meaning processed which refers to the meat wrapping around the egg and coated in breadcrumbs. 

In the UK they are readily available in supermarkets, convenience shops and fuel stations and are a common picnic food.  While in America you can probably find scotch eggs on British Style pub menus… with Ranch sauce, not very British!

There are tons of recipes out there from Paleo to Jamie Oliver (who prefers his yolks runny).

I’ve never tried any other than Melissa Joulwan from The Clothes Makes the Girl and author of my two favorite cookbooks: Well Fed and Well Fed:2

Mrs. Joulwan’s recipe obviously does not incorporate breadcrumbs but instead uses fried pork rinds which I also haven’t tried.  I’m a huge fan of it the way I’ve been eating it for the last 4-5 months; why change something you already love?

Day 14

Breakfast: Scotch Egg

Snack: Apple with Almond&Hazelnut Butter

Lunch: Left over shepherd’s pie

Supper: Lemon & Artichoke Chicken (Practical Paleo) with Brussels Sprouts

2014-08-14 18.15.44

This was delicious, but the smell was AMAZING!

Today was a super hard day.  It was slow at work and my lack of sleep is catching up with me!  I sat around doing a lot of waiting, so every few minutes I had my mouth wide open in a yawn!  It was just brutal!

I had to get some coconut amino for Sushi that I’ll be making tomorrow and my go to store the Corn Crib, was out! I almost had a freakout!  Luckily we have more than one Natural Food Store in Moncton and I was able to get it from Sequoia.   I called Sequoia in advanced to make sure I wasn’t cruising all over town for nothing, and sure enough there was ‘A’ bottle left.  The lady was kind enough to put it aside for me, and when I got there I didn’t have to look around for it. 

Now I’m not sure if I don’t speak clearly enough, or maybe I pronounce my name awkwardly but everyone always messes it up.  For a while at work one of the girls called me Louis or Lois.  I often get Lise but the girl at Sequoia wrote Malise on the bag.  Maybe I need to record myself saying my name and work on my pronunciation.  It’s bad enough I have to spell my last name or be told how my maiden name is actually pronounced, now I have to work on my first name?  Maybe I’ll just go by my middle name from now on!

Day 13

Breakfast: Scotch Egg

Snack: Apple with Almond Hazelnut butter

Lunch: Shepherd’s Pie

Supper + Post Workout Meal: Slow Cooker Kalua Pig, Carrots, Mashed Potatoes and cauliflower

This Slow Cooker Kalua Pig (from the Nom Nom Paleo cookbook or the link above) requires slow cooking for 16 hours!  Which means that if I want it to be ready for supper at 6pm, I need to put it on at 2am.  There’s obviously no way I’m staying up that late, and since I’m working until 4 anyways, I might as well set up an alarm to turn the slow cooker on. 

2014-08-13 01.08.02

It would be nice to have a programmable Slow Cooker, but my brother bought me this one a few years ago and it works wonders so I’m not getting a different one!  Besides, it takes less than a minute to take the pot out of the fridge put it in the cooker and turn it to low!

I was unable to find the Alea Red Hawaiian Salt in stores and also unwilling to pay $23.90 online to buy and ship it to my house.  The recipe does say that you can use any coarse salt, so I used coarse sea salt.  I’m sure it would taste all sorts of different with the Hawaiian Salt, but lets be honest.  $25 for salt?  No thanks!

 2014-08-13 18.12.17

The Roast was beautiful!  Salty and juicy even Z had a few pieces before she realized she was eating something other than fruit!  This is probably my favorite use of the slow cooker!  I know the meat will never be an inedible powdery substance even when cooked for 16 hours!  Plus I was able to walk the dogs when I got home from work supper was already taken care of!

Day 11 & 12

Monday August 11

Breakfast – Scotch Egg

Snack – Apple & Almond and Cashew Butter

Lunch – Spaghetti Squash Bolognese

Supper – Chorizo Meatballs, mashed potatoes and carrots

Post Workout Snack – Meatballs and mashed potatoes

Tuesday August 12

Breakfast – Scotch Egg and left over carrots

Snack – Apple, Pear and Peach salad

Lunch – Spaghetti Squash Bolognese

Supper – Shepherd’s Pie

I’ve been slacking in the photo department, I do apologize, especially for the Shepherd’s Pie!  It is by far the best Paleo discovery in the whole entire world!  Cauliflower instead of Mashed Potatoes – absolutely to die for!  I could eat it for days!

Last Monday after my workout I did a Yoga class.  I have been waiting to do this Yoga class since my birthday when it was free and I was sick!  I’ve done Yoga in the past, but this was a little harder because I had just done a workout and my arms were tired, so holding poses was a little more effort than it probably was meant to be.

My favorite part about Yoga is the relaxation at the end though.  I wish I could bring my sleeping bag and go to sleep after Yoga.  It’s the most relaxed a person can ever be.

I’m supposed to do a private yoga session at a friend’s house in the upcoming weeks, maybe I’ll suggest bringing Sleeping bags and having a sleepover! 😉

Day 7.2 – Dog Rant

Breakfast – pork sausage patty boiled egg and Hot Sauce

Post Workout Meal – Salmon Cakes

Lunch – Tuna Waldorf Salad minus the Walnuts

Supper – Beef Steak Hot Plate with Okras and Carrots

2014-08-07 18.10.45

I planned on making Scotch eggs yesterday but when I got the ground pork out of the fridge they were still slightly frozen.  To help speed things along I ‘defrosted’ them in the microwave and perhaps went overboard, most of it was cooked.  I wasn’t able to form them into balls and much less around eggs so I opted for patties.  My eggs were already cooked so all i had to do was peel them and store them in a container.  Then in my haste to pick up my husband from work and put Z to bed, I left the patties to cool a little too close to the edge of the counter and Pa-Ngo -the glutton- ate all but two.  Bummer. 

My dogs have been weird about food lately though; they don’t hesitate to come back in the house in hopes that Z threw food on the ground, they stick close to Z when’s she’s having a snack and I’ve caught them going through the wet garbage a handful of times.  This worries me a little. 

See, they’re the kinds of dogs you can leave dog food bowls out and they’ll pick at it over the span of 2-3 days, but now that they’re getting table food thanks to Z’s refusal to eat anything but fruit, they’re getting reckless and beggy.  Don’t get me wrong they’d always ask for food, but now they’re not above licking Z’s hands and face to get a tiny shrapnel of table food.  Every now and then I have to shoo them away as they’d lay their heads on her tray and lick it while she’s eating – eww! 

Enough is enough though they go out of the kitchen when we’re having meals, they’ve already gained 5-6lbs since Z started eating!  I also make sure to pick up Z’s mess before letting them in so they’re getting by on little table food nowadays!

Best Fed Dogs in all of Moncton I’d say!

Is- Is that a piece of Carrot?  I'd eat that!

Is- Is that a piece of Carrot? I’d eat that!



Day 6.2


Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs and Kale with Macadamia and Raisins

Post Workout Meal: 2 Salmon Cakes

Lunch: Left over chicken with Carrots and Green Beans

Supper: Ground Pork ‘Hot Plate’

August 6

I wore a sleeveless shirt to the gym today.  To celebrate Girls month Crossfit Moncton had some sweet ‘Lift Like a Girl’ Pink tank tops ordered.  I couldn’t wait to get it, but it wasn’t until the month was over that they arrived.  Regardless- I. Wore. It. In. Public.  Well to the gym which I suppose is still in public.  One of my biggest insecurities is of my arms, so to wear it on a day where we were doing Overhead Squats is really a huge step for me.  I’m sure no one cares or gave it a second thought, but let me tell you I was extremely self concious for the entire hour I was there.  But I lived and my day was fine and no one made fun of me (publicly), so there! Take that insecurities!

So the gym- I got a PR, I did the hardest workout I’ve ever done, it was good.

Supper is a ‘Hot Plate’ combination inspired from Well Fed.  I love the idea behind Hot Plates which is basically just a protein with veggies and add some spices.  The book has 10 Ethnic varieties with a few different combinations each.  I based mine on a Chinese hot plate by using ‘Best Stir Fry Sauce Ever’ recipe with ground pork, broccoli and a sweet Orange Pepper.  It was a little too spicy for my dear husband but I thought it was perfect!  These are a really great way to use up your left over vegetable and frozen meat!  I will definitely be using these more in the future!

Also on an exciting note, I discovered The Clothes Make The Girl has a Facebook page and I went on gushing about how much I love her cookbooks and read on:

fbI love Melissa Joulwan!  Can’t wait for 2016!!

Day 5.2

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and Kale with Macadamia and Raisins

Lunch: Left Over Salmon

Supper: Dijon Chicken green beans and carrots

2014-08-05 06.50.02 2014-08-05 17.56.47

I finally got back to the gym this morning and on a strength day too!  I can already feel the pull in my leg muscles!

Because of the holiday and work this week I’ll be going for 3 consecutive days, which terrifies me a little, but I’m sure it’ll work out just fine.

I haven’t done proper groceries this week so tonight’s supper was kind of a make as you go.  We had chicken breast coated in Dijon mustard and baked in the oven at 450 for 20 minutes.  It wasn’t anything particularly spectacular but it was food on the table!  I didn’t spend much time snacking today, I had a cherry here and a cucumber there but otherwise I didn’t feel hungry and I was busy enough with Z and finances that I didn’t really think about food all that much. 

I’ve always wanted to try the whole Freezer Meals to save some time and money.  I’m not sure it really saves money but I once made 3 meals for the week in one day and found myself amazed at how much more time I had to do other thing while our dinner warmed up in the microwave (oh please I would be lost without a microwave!)  But what I really want to try though is the 30 days of freezer meals.  How awesome would it be to have a whole month of little cooking and dishes?  I’ve never really liked the meal plans that I found cause most of them required beans.  I’m not a picky eater but beans are not something I enjoy eating.  Now that I’m doing Whole30 I have another excuse not to eat them!

I did find this website called Once a Month Meals and they have a special menu for Paleo Nuts like me!  I’m pretty thrilled but… you have to pay to access the menus.  womp. womp.  I’ll have to do some research and I’m sure there are things that wouldn’t be 100% Whole30 approved but I’ve been known to leave things out when I feel it’s unnecessary.  I would love to hear from you if you’ve tried out the site and what you thought of the recipes!  Please convince me and my husband that its worth it! 🙂